Ronan Anthony Villency is popular for being the son of a famous couple. His mother is Kimberly Guilfoyle and his father is Eric Villency. The couple had a married relationship from 2006 to 2009. His mother is a famous TV actress and his father is a businessman. Ronan Anthony Villency is a celebrity child with his parents being millionaires.

He was born on 4th October 2006. He is the only child of his parents who once lived together in a happy married life. They married only a few months before their child was born. Ronan Anthony Villency is an American citizen with a mixed heritage of Irish and Puerto Rican ancestry.

Maurice Villency Inc., a furniture manufacturing company was founded by Ronan’s paternal great-grandfather. His parents divorced in 2009 and Ronan is now living with one of his parents. His parents show great parenting abilities over the years. Ronan’s mother, Kimberly Trump is now dating Donald Trump Jr.

Family of Ronan Anthony Villency

Ronan Anthony Villency is close to his mother’s boyfriend’s children. Donald Trump Jr. is a father of five children. Ronan has a strong bond with his children. Ronan himself loves being a single child as he gets all the love and affection of his parents. Despite the differences of his parents, they raised their children together.

They also have joint custody of Ronan. Ronan’s father is known as the fitness guru who invented the Peloton indoor cycle and other workout instruments. He won the Well+Good wizard of Wellness Award and FIT All Salute Award because of his numerous efforts.

Kimberley was a Fox News contributor from 2006 to 2018. After that, she became the advisor of Former US President Donald Trump. In 2001 she married Gavin Newsom who is the former mayor of San Francisco and also the 40th governor of California. Due to some issues, they got divorced in 2006. Later she married Eric Villency.

Their marriage fell apart and they got divorced in 2009. Kimberley now has a relationship with Donald Trump Jr. and rumors tell us that they may take their relationship to the next level.

Education of Ronan Anthony Villency

Ronan is in the early adolescent stage. His parents have not decided on his future yet. They will let Ronan decide what he wants to be when he grows up.

His parents are attempting to provide him with a typical early life and are also concentrating on his studies. His parents keep the identity of his school a secret. So that he does not feel any difficulty in studying as being a celebrity kid.

Net Worth of Ronan Anthony Villency

The son of the millionaires has a lavish lifestyle. His father Eric Villency has a huge amount of wealth for his only son. His father has a net worth of about $6 million. On the other hand, Ronan’s mother has an amazing fortune for her son. His mother has $5 million in her hands after excluding all the other expenses.

Height and Weight of Ronan Anthony Villency

Ronan has a height of 5 ft. 1 or 161 cm. his weight is 45kgs or 90lbs. Ronan is also a fitness freak like his father. He takes good care of his diet and exercises regularly. Ronan possesses brown eyes and brown hair. He has a charming personality. Ronan Anthony Villency contains a perfect combination of his parents’ traits.

Social media accounts of Ronan Anthony Villency

Why does Ronan not use any social media accounts? The children of Ronan’s age have their social media accounts. But Ronan does not like to be in a social world. He often saw it on his parents’ Instagram profiles.

Relationship Status of Ronan Anthony Villency

Ronan is only 14 years old, so he is single at present. He is currently focusing on his studies. Ronan seems to be a private sort of child.

Interesting facts to know about Ronan

  • From 2004-2006 Ronan’s mother became the First Lady of San Francisco.
  • Ronan Anthony Villency is a pet lover. He loves dogs and cats and likes to have an amazing time with his pets.
  • He likes the yellow color the most.
  • Like his parents, he has an enthusiastic personality.
  • According to astrologists, his zodiac sign is Libra.