Ash Kaashh is a renowned young model, influencer, and TikToker. Her full name is Ashley. She was born on 15 January 1998 in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Furthermore, she is currently 23 years old, doing wonders on her social media.

She started her career in 2018 and by 2019 and became so popular among people. Even she made her Twitter account which reached up to 44.7k followers within months. She is one of the few people who gained fame in the shortest time possible. Moreover, people say she is truly blessed by God. 

Even though Ash Kaashh kept her personal life private and never posted pictures of her family or mentioned their names in her interviews. But after deep research, many resources stated that her father runs a small business in the USA. And her mother is a housewife. Moreover, she never talked about her siblings too. This is quite weird because many celebrities like talking about their families and their childhood. Ashley Kaashh has an unknown background.

Education of Ash Kaashh

She is a high school graduate. She completed her higher education at a local private school. After finishing her higher studies, she focused on modeling and made social media her center of attention. There is no genuine information on her education as she never talked about it to anyone.  

Physical Appearance, Height, and Weight of Ash Kaashh

Ash Kaashh has a height of 5ft 5inches or 165cm. Her weight is 56kg; she’s very conscious about her diet and normally avoids eating too many calories. She has beautiful brown hair and sparkling hazel eyes. Moreover, she has delightful looks and a very attractive smile. She alsoyou knows how to melt people’s hearts with her kindness. And a lot of people that she has a great style which makes her unique from other models.

The Net Worth of Ash Kaashh

Ash Kaashh is a fashion nova partner along with Sara Jean Underwood. With this great success, she is an entrepreneur and opened her brand of nails. She has her nail art accessories known as “Heaven sent Nails,” from which she; earns millions of dollars. Other than that, she has an ‘only fan page’ which is very popular. 

The celebrity has 5k likes and her charge for a one-month subscription is $49.99. For 3, months around $143.99 with a 10 percent discount. And for 6, months it’s $254.95 with a 15 percent discount and so on. She has a huge following on TikTok about, 1.9 million followers which, is also a source of earning for her. The total Net worth of Ash Kaashh is between $300k to $600k. 

Social Media Accounts

During her early stages of modeling, she first made an account on Instagram. There, she gained popularity, and then she decided to make more accounts on different social sites. Ash Kaashh is an extrovert and extremely friendly by nature. Therefore; it didn’t take her a long time to create such a lovely bond with her fans. She has now, accounts on tweeter TikTok, and YouTube as well.

Ash Kaashh Death Rumors

Recently news started circulating on the internet about Ash Kaashh death a few weeks ago. But, it was proved to be a rumor. Still, there is no news on who spread this rumor, but, AAsh Kaashh death was trending on tweeter for a very long time. Even many celebrities also posted stories about her like, RIP. Other social media users requested Facebook and Instagram to memorialize Ashaley’s official page.

Relationship Status of Ash Kaashh

Just like, her parents, she hasn’t disclosed anything about her dating life. She has kept it a secret but, many people believe that she is dating someone in private meanwhile. Others think she is single. There are mixed views of people as she never announced her relationship with anyone.

Fascinating Facts to know

  • Ash Kaashh has an obsession with tattoos.
  • Ashaley has a soft spot for animals. She is a pet lover and can pet any animal cats, dogs, etc.   
  • Ashaley had worked for many fashion-related products.
  • She was recently bullied by different you tubers for her inappropriate photos.
  • Her zodiac sign is Capricorn.
  • Ash Kaashh has a very soft heart and, she does charity work in private.