Asus x55a laptop is another amazing advanced product of the Asus X series that is known all around the world. This laptop comes with Windows 7 and 8 preloaded and offers a high-tech performance. Whether you need it for gaming, personal, or business use, it will meet your expectations. 

It is available in select colors that you can choose based on your taste. The model however has a dual-core B820 processor from the known Intel family. The processor comes with a 2MB cache and 1.7 GHz frequency that ensures a decent performance. 

The video processor is also from Intel known a the HD graphics whose frequency lies between 650 MHz to 1050 MHz. Asus x55a laptop has quite a remarkable storage of 320 GB. Moreover, it supports SD cards and MCC with RAM increase options. It has an Ethernet port which can be used for connecting it directly to the power supply. The overall look of the laptop is quite amazing with an overall weight of 2.45 kg. 

You can work and enjoy faster gaming with their new and amazing features. It is one of the best Asus gaming laptops that will provide a satisfying experience. 

Features of Asus x55a Laptop:

With its dual-core processor feature, you can enjoy an effective and efficient performance in every aspect. The laptop also comes with 4GB of DDR3 memory that allows the device to provide the fastest experience. The Asus laptop charger is 4400 mAh 47Whrs. 

With multitasking and more responsive features, it is the perfect Asus gaming laptop for game lovers. The laptop comes with a beautiful 15.6 LED display on which you can enjoy games and movies at their best. You can also store all of your data like files, documents, and downloads in a 320 GB drive. 

Classic Cover Design of Asus x55a Laptop:

With a remarkable matte surface, this Asus series shows the modern design of simplicity. The classic cover design is one of the major things that you will love about this laptop. 

It also comes with the IceCool technology which ensures to keep your laptop away from heat. Whether it’s on a surface or your palm for long hours of work, you don’t have to worry about overheating. You will feel the below surface of the laptop cool to the touch. 

Asus x55a Laptop Powerful CPU:

With the latest Intel ® Core Pentium ™, you will enjoy the best computing performance. For both work and gaming, you will love the speed it offers to its users for a value-oriented experience. 

Asus x55a Laptop is more like a Smartphone:

It’s not a smartphone but comes with the instant-on feature. Yes! It provides the same experience as having a smartphone in your hand. You don’t have to wait for a long restart or on time. You can get back to your work or games from the moment you turn it on. 

Another amazing technology that the Asus family has included is its Super Hybrid Engine II. The laptop can remain on standby for 11 days with automatic data backup. 

High-Tech Audio Performance:

This device has come up with more power, more range, and more improved multimedia experience. You will have the best experience enjoying its sound and enhancement features. 


Asus x55a laptop display is one of the major features that makes it so interesting for gamers. With a resolution of 1366 76 768 pixels and 16:9 rato, you can enjoy the wide-angle experience. Based on your choice, you can get 320 Gb, 500 GB, 750 GB, 1 TB internal memory. 

USB 3.0 for 10x Results:

USB 3.0 is 10 times faster than the 2.0 which will provide faster data transfer, backup, and access. 

With their new standard of X series notebooks, you can enjoy a better experience. It will handle everyday tasks, online streaming, and ultra-fast gaming to provide the value you look for in a laptop.