David Nehdar is the husband of a Hallmark actress and singer, Lacey Chabert. Nehdar is a well-known and successful veteran businessman who is far away from the film and drama industry. Over the years, he has gained much popularity due to the fame of his wife, Lacey. David Nehdar had hardly attended any television or film industry shows. Despite his marriage with a famous American model and actress, he mainly focuses on his family business that he’s running for a long time. He doesn’t like to unveil any information about his personality and private life. 

Just the information leaked out about him is by his wife, Lacey. He is living a very secret life and hardly leaks out any success story about himself. Though he is not a very big businessman, it’s hard to gather all the information about him. This short guide will teach you all about the personal life and business achievements of Nehdar. So, let’s move down to explore this beneficial guide.

David Nehdar: Birth

David celebrates his birthday on the 16th of August. He was born in 1974. His birthplace is Los Angeles, USA. From his childhood, Nehdar wanted to be an entrepreneur, so he started looking after his family business.  

Why is David Nehdar A Secret Personality? 

David Nehdar is the CEO of his family-based business. His business is oriented in Los Angeles. Though after his marriage to a famous actress, people thought that their curiosity about him would be resolved that didn’t happen. Till the date after 8 years of their marriage, he didn’t take interest in the film or TV industry, so his identity is not much disclosed on social media or any other forum

Though he is a successful businessman, any details about his business are known. So, his fans’ curiosity has not ended. 

David Nehdar

David and Lacey’s Affair

Lacey and David have been together for a long time. They told people that they were true friends and nothing more. However, Lucey surprised her fans when she announced her marriage to David. Their relation had been for a long time, however, they didn’t reveal any secret about their privacy. 

They married on the 22nd of December 2013 during the holidays. Their marriage was also so private that there are not so many photos of their marriage. They had two siblings, a baby girl, Julia Mimi, and a baby boy, Bella Nehdar. 

Net Worth of Nehdar and Lacey

Though David Nehdar is not a big businessman, he is earning a handsome revenue from it. According to the recent survey, his net worth is about 9 million US dollars. 

Lacey is also one of the successful actresses of the US showbiz industry. She is also earning a handsome amount through her acting. According to an approximation, her net worth is about 4 million US dollars. 

Some Facts About Nehdar

Here are some crucial facts that a fan of Lacey and David Nehdar should know. 

  • David is not an actor but a businessman, so he gives business priority. 
  • David is the lover and now husband of Lacey Chabert who is one of the successful actresses of the US showbiz industry. 
  • Their relationship was revealed to the public after one year of their successful marriage. One can judge the privacy of David’s life from this single fact. 
  • Lacey, David’s wife, has worked on more than 100 projects that include about 16 hallmark movies. 
  • The recent survey shows that his net worth is about 9 million US dollars. 
  • He doesn’t like to go to social places. So, he remains off most social media platforms.
  • He doesn’t like to make all his secrets public. 
  • He is about 46 years old.  

Final Thoughts

David Nehdar, the lover and now husband of Lacey Chabert, is a successful businessman who runs his family business. Despite his affair and marriage with a well-known hallmark actress, he didn’t unveil most of the facts about his personal life. Though he’s not a very rich businessman, he is leading a satisfactory life with his beloved wife.