Are you bored with adopting conventional interior designing? Do you want a unique and exotic change in your old-styled home? So, it would help if you experienced some exciting crafts and DIYs to embellish your abode. At times in life, a person becomes annoyed and irritated with certain things that are a part of his daily routine. 

It can be the casual furnishing you have in your home that makes you exasperated or the solid colors that makes you feel bored. Sometimes even after extravagant shopping, people say that they are not satisfied with what they bought. This happens, particularly with choosy people where they are neither content with the colors nor with the patterns. To overcome this issue, why not try your dexterity and skills? Here we are providing you with some thrilling and exciting & easy craft ideas for home decor you should experience once in your lifetime. I bet you will be obsessed with these enchanting easy paper craft ideas for home decor crafts.

Easy Craft Ideas For Home Decor 

Chic Vases

Be crafty and show your skills. You can either make an entirely new vase or can transform a simple and inexpensive article into a statement. Jute vessels are so popular nowadays.

Jute vessels

Take a plastic or glass bottle and cover it with jute or rope with the help of a hot glue gun or a suitable adhesive. Plain jute itself gives a chic look, but you can also add some spark with gold or copper spray paint, or a silk ribbon bow in the neck will be so cute. Beautify your very own vases with pleasant scenting and vibrant colored flowers.

Painting Glass Bottles

If you have ample fabric materials in your one decorated room, you can ignore jute and upgrade glass bottles to stylish and classic vessels by painting them. You can use glass paints, solid ones, or can make patterns on it like small petals. 

You can take these ordinary pitchers to the next level by giving them an ombre effect or by using neon paints. Sleek glass bottles painted with glossy and glittery gold, silver, and copper hues will turn your ordinary shelf into a royal stage.

The Next Level Cement  Plant pots

Cement pots are in trend now. Everywhere on the internet, there is an explosion of hand-made pots. The task is so easy and relaxing at the same time. Now with the development, multiple molds and sketches are also available at meager prices. You can also take any frame like an old vessel or a pot and can pour cement mixture into it.

How to Make a Cement Mixture

Affix two Parts of Building Sand and one Part of Cement in a Tub or a Bucket.

  • one part of water and stir it with a metal spoon
  • Add about ¾ water to the mixture to attain a thick paste or yogurt-like consistency.
  • Pour this mixture in the mold and air dry it for about two days or till firm.

You can increase the strength of the mixture by adding some tissue pieces into the batter or foam portions to make the pot water-absorbable. Try making exciting patterns like small floral or leafy designs.

Recycle your Old Crockery

Do you get angry when someone breaks the handle of your mug? Are you sad that your dinner set is only left with one milk-pouring jug? Don’t be sorry. You can use these single pieces to adorn your center tables, side tables, and shelves exquisitely. Use these vessels as such, paint them, or cover them with a bit of fabric to give them a fairy look. Add some pebbles over the mud in the pot for a meticulous and delicate approach. This makes it one of the best and easy craft ideas for home decor. 


Dorn your walls with your Drawings

Paper is the most inexpensive stationary item; anyone can use it. There are many easy paper craft ideas for home decor.  Because it is so versatile that you can use it to implement your home decor craft ideas quite smartly. Make your drawings and paintings, frame them, and add beauty to your walls. This way of exhibiting your skills is quite intriguing.

Paper wall Hangings are Everyone’s Favorite

You can either cut some inspiring shapes, write some notes or motivational quotes on it and string them up.  These are the cutest things we have ever found.

Keep calm and make some origami hangings to embellish your home with dexterity