Goblin Slayer is a character of an animated season that creates high suspense and enjoyment to the audience. Its first season came on the screen in 2018. This season includes 12 episodes it rating leads to MA level. The character of Goblin slayer is so much liked by the audience. Moreover, it creates suspense in the audience because Goblin slayer did not reveal his face in the first season. Now people are asking that will goblin slayer’s face reveal in the next chapter of the season?

As Goblin Slayer is the novel story presented in series which is written by the  Kumo Kagyu in 2016. This story is based on people who did a lot of adventures. As they are interconnected with Guild and accomplish the different tasks for the sake of money and fame. A character name A priestess, who gets stuck in her first mission. This girl was rescued by the Goblin Slayer later on.

Goblin Slayer Face Reveal in the Next Chapter of Season? The Personality of Goblin slayer:

Globin slayer is an anime character which is having a calm personality. The character did not find any way to devote himself to the Globin slaying. Due to this he did not notice a lot of circumstances around him and also did not feel love from others. His friends help him a lot to make him release himself from this problem. But it was quite difficult for them. 

The most dominating part of his personality is that his hate toward globin and want to kill them all. This trait in his personality comes from two things. The first one is that all the bad happening to his village. And the second one is that to save his village people from any threat. Moreover, preventing difficulty they could face in their future life  

Goblin Slayer Face Reveal in the Next Chapter of Season? The Love Story of Globin Slayer

There is a character in Globin Slayer name as sword maiden who is in love with Globin Slayer. She is with Globin because of his painful tragic story. Also, she always supports him in his mission. The character cares for him and gives him comfort in his life. She is always there where nobody is around to complete the mission.

Goblin Slayer Face Reveal in the Next Chapter of Season? Possible Great turn in New Season:

The 2018 anime covers the story of the novels by Kagyu which covers 1st 2nd and half of the 4th volume. The 5th volume was covered by Goblin Slayer in October 2020. After this, the announcement came out by their team that the next season will be released in 2021. The most wanted expectation for this season is that Goblin Slayer will reveal his face. 

There is a glimpse of the face with having two scars near his chin. He will fight with Globin Lord in his hometown. At last, it’s a pawn that something amazing could happen. This season must have more goblin slaying than before. During the harvest festival preparation, everyone seems to be careless about ant threats except the goblin slayer. This part will cover more volume from season 4 and season 3.

Episodes of Next Season:

If this season has more episodes it will also cover the story from volumes 6 and 7. Hopefully, it will cover these volumes because it will give better coverage to the anime characters. There is confirmation that the next season is in progress. Because it was announced by the studio White Fox on January 21st, 2021.

The people expected that this series will be continued with positivity. In this season audience is getting curious about the addition of a new character in the series. The production team will decide which new story will be added in the new season. Because they have nine remaining novels to be covered in the season

Schedule Date for the Release of Season 2

It is highly expected that this season will be released at the end of 2021. Otherwise, most probably it will be covered at the start of 2021.