There is nothing more frustrating than finding a stylish outfit that you want to wear out on the golf course this upcoming weekend, but when you go to grab your particular size it isn’t there! It’s even worse when you ask the store clerk to see if they have your size in the back and come to realize that the store or brand does not carry your clothing size. It is incredibly hard for big and tall men with out-of-the-ordinary measurements to find stylish and comfortable clothing pieces that they actually want to wear, especially when they want to enjoy their favorite pastime of playing golf. However, this isn’t an issue at Westport Big and Tall!

We are a leading clothing company that specializes in creating fashionable and comfortable clothing items for the bigger and taller men in the world to wear on any day, for any occasion, and for any type of activity. Our golf collection features a wide variety of clothing options that will allow big and tall men to feel relaxed while swinging and cool while standing outside in the hot sun. The clothing designers here at Westport Big and Tall have done their very best to create an exclusive golf collection that is specifically created for a seamless harmonization between intense style and immaculate performance while out on the golf course. Let’s take a look at the particular pieces that will surely become a staple within your closet, especially for those weekend days spent at the golf course with your friends and family members.

The Top Pieces from the Westport Big and Tall Golf Collection:

Peter Millar Short Sleeve Light Print Stretch Performance Polo Shirt

This Peter Millar big and tall polo is the perfect shirt for golfing. Made from incredibly smooth and soft jersey-knit fabric and moisture-wicking material, this shirt has the ability to keep you cool and feeling good all day long, no matter what kind of activity you may be participating in. With a true blue color and three buttons that follow down from a well-made collar, this shirt can easily be worn both in the office and on the golf course, providing you with a variety of differential locations for where you can sport this stylish staple.

Zero Restriction Quarter-Zip Pullover

Specifically created for those chillier days when the temperature drastically drops overnight, the Zero Restriction Quarter-Zip Pullover is the perfect thing to wear when you want to practice your swinging abilities on a colder than usual morning. Available in a wide variety of colors and a four-way stretchy material, you will have no problem feeling warmed up out on the course.

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Westport Black Techno Gab Stretch Flat-Front Pants

These high-performance pants are exactly what you have been missing in your closet! The Westport Black Techno Gab Stretch Flat-Front Pants offer a mid-weight fabric that allows you to wear them on any day of the year, no matter the temperature or weather conditions.

If you have been having a hard time finding clothing items that you can wear on the golf course, then it’s time to check out Westport Big and Tall’s exclusive golf collection.