The best holiday of the year is just around the corner. Yes, we are talking about Halloween, of course. We all might be figuring out the best funny Halloween costume ideas for 2022 that will make everyone jealous. 

Yeah, you got to stand out as you have so many options from Halloween costumes homemade to buying funny Halloween costumes in stores. Most of the costume ideas this year are inspired by the shows that are everyone’s favorite. 

If you do binge-watching and like movies, then you know about the unlimited choices you have. Wandavision, Gossip girl, Thomas rhett wife, mariska hargitay husband, Loki, liz Carmichael and so much more have become the top choices for everyone. These shows have provided us with so many costume opportunities that you must bring to life. Consider yourself in the costume and you can feel that vibe of anything like a korean zombie we are talking about. 

You and your friends will love and become obsessed with these Halloween costumes for best friends. Here is a list of the most classic Halloween costumes that are a must for 2022. 

List of Funny Halloween Costume Ideas for 2022:

So, right now you are trying to find the best funny costume ideas. Well, start with the most hit movies, songs, and seasons of this year. You will find a lot of funny men’s Halloween costumes, Halloween costumes devil, Halloween costumes the 80s as well as Halloween costumes Disney. Here is what we recommend our readers for this Halloween:

Loki and Sylvie:

From the season of Loki, you can get some inspiration from Loki and Sylvie. The lopsided horns, head-to-toe green costume, use a curling wand to curl your hair and some DIY techniques for the perfect look. 

Harry Styles at the Grammy’s Award Function:

Well, we cannot get enough of the amazing Harry Styles appearances. He is not just a celebrity but a fashion icon for many people. If you and your friend like him, then dress up as for the leather dress and furry feather boa. Your friend can try to achieve a look at Prince Charles and Camilla from the evening. It could be your funny Halloween costume for guys. 

Cardi B & Megan Thee Stallion:

Looking for some halloween costumes hot? It is time to let out your inner freak and become Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion. Copy them from the Wap video with the sexy body-cut dresses. You can choose the same hairstyles for making your Halloween costumes spark. 

Sex and the City Reboot:

Well, nothing works best than for a group of girls to live the sex and the city in reality. Four best friends, Mirada, Charlotte, Carrie, and the faux-fight Samantha. You can dress up as them and show off your bond and friendship with each other this Halloween. 

New Gossip Girl:

Well, we cannot rule out the New Gossip girl cast for funny Halloween costume ideas for 2022. This new batch is slaying in their dresses like the original ones. And, we think it is time to bring out the new style in the world. The micro-mini skirts, high boots, and oversized button-down layers are the new anthem for Halloween. 


Looking for stores with Halloween costumes? Want some Halloween costumes cheap? Well, for your funny couple of Halloween costumes, the best option is Wanda and Vision. Wandavision is the new exclusive season that has won the hearts of millions of people. If you are a Marvel fan, you can never go wrong with this choice. Especially being the perfect couple who loves each other more than anything. The 70’s era styles, clothes, and funny costumes should be the ones you try out this year. 

Try out the Good 4 u Music Video:

Want some Halloween costumes unique? Well, we all have heard the Good 4 u music. And, we love Olivia Rodrigo outfits in them which are outclass and seriously unmatched. The blue cheerleading uniform and the latex gloves of course can do the trick. But, try out the messy hairs and a plaid skirt look to achieve the desired look.  Also, check out Halloween songs for kids.

Ariana Grande’s Wedding:

Want Halloween costumes ideas for adults? It might be a little off the charts but don’t we just love Ariana’s wedding dress. Her pictures are now today an inspiration for millions of her fans. The high ponytail white shoes and the beautiful 90s inspired makeup. You can even do this with your boyfriend or your girlfriend. It will be a dream come true for her to be the most beautiful bride for Halloween. 

There are also many other options like the new Marvel and Dc movies that you can try. The cast of succession, Chicago Bulls, and The Bachelorette.