Well, a lot of people are right now trying to know more about Harper Spade. When it comes to a powerful success after years of hard work, David Spade is a real-life example. Today, David Spade doesn’t need an introduction as he is one of the most prominent faces in Hollywood. Who knew that a single drunk dad will be able to become the finest actor in Hollywood. 

Yes, that’s right. Harper Spade is the beautiful daughter of David who rules the entertainment industry. He works as an actor, comedian, and a successful writer which shows his many great talents. But today, we are not going to talk about David but her precious daughter Harper Spade who is a mystery. 

Who is Harper Spade:

She is just another celebrity kid who has won the heart of millions of people around the world with her smile. People love her acts and routines and follow her on social media like insane. She was born on 27th August in Washington, Missouri. Raised by her father, David Spade, she brought a lot of controversies about her parent’s marriage. However, the couple has been co-parenting their daughter successfully. 

The couple has never tied the knot according to David Spade. Harper is an American born and follows the Roman Catholic religion. Apart from her parent’s background, she shows a mixed ethnicity. She is currently enjoying a luxury lifestyle with her father in Beverly Hill States. 

Harper Spade Loving Family:

As she comes from a prominent family in the Hollywood industry, she has quite an extended family. Stating from her father who is a successful star and her mother who is the ex-playboy playmate model Jillian Grace. She is the sole kid of her parents. The couple started dating in 2007 and within a few months, they announced the good news. 

An insider told that it was David’s idea as he wanted to be a father now. Jillian agreed to him as they were in so much love at that time. Like David, Jillian is also a woman of many talents. She is an actress, personal gym trainer, and TV personality. As both her parents are working in the field, Harper enjoys being in the limelight of showbiz. 

Her grandfather was a sales representative while her grandmother was also a writer and editor of a magazine. David has shared with the media that he enjoys being a father. His days spent with her daughter are precious for him. 

Harper Spade Extended Family:

Harper also shares relations with some other prominent faces of the town. Like, her uncles Andy and Bryan Spade. Andy is the co-founder of Kate Spade with a fashion designer Kate Spade. Both her uncles are quite successful and have a great net-worth like her dad.

Harper Spade Profession and Net Worth:

As she is just 11 years old, the kid has no profession at all. But, there are some insights of her talents shared by her father in which she wants to do something. Some insiders also shared that she is working with her father on something to create her own name. That’s what makes his father so proud of him that she makes such great decisions in her life. 

Although raised in a family of celebrities, money is not a problem at all. However, she is quite passionate and seems like a great kid. She knows her way to keep the paparazzi at the edge and attracts followers. She currently rules over millions of dollars of her father and lives at Beverly Hills. Living a luxury life, she also shows off her beautiful room and daily routines. 

David Spade’s net worth is $60 Million which makes him quite a successful person in Hollywood. He also shares his luxurious life with his fans on social media. Well, there is no doubt, as his successful projects are rising day by day. A lot of people do not know that David used to do many other jobs before he got successful. Like he was a busboy and worked at a skateboard store. 

That’s what makes him so special on our list. He is undoubtedly the talk of the town all the time. Considering his hard work, he truly deserves where he is today and his fans love him for that.