Sleep is one of the essential function which your body needs for an active and healthy mind. It makes our bodies feel healthy and fresh all the time. It can also boost up our internal immune system to fight again many diseases. Good sleep also helps to put on body heavyweight. If you sleep well you will be in a happy mood always and give strength to your heart.  There are categories between different ages of people that how much sleep they needed for a healthy life. Like how much sleep does baby needs and how much sleep does a young and old person need?

How much Sleep Does the Baby Need?

As in a child, there is tremendous development (effect growth, emotions, and brain health). So people with their infant child wants that their babies should sleep properly. Different categories of children need different spam of time for their sleep like:

Age of childrenSleep time they needed
0 to 3 months oldThey needed 14 to 18 hours approximately
4 to 12 months oldThey needed 13 to 15 hours approximately
1 to years oldThey needed 11 to 14 hours approximately
3 to 6 years oldThey needed 10 to 13 hours approximately
6 to 13 years oldThey needed 9 to 12 hours approximately

As it is mention that newborn babies needed more sleep as compared to others. And,  different babies’ sleeping patterns may also differ from one another because they need to feed again and again. So, they complete their 14 to 18 hours of sleep with a different small portion.

How much Sleep Do Babies need – What Happens if Babies did not Complete their Sleep?

The two most important things that affect children’s growth are their feed and sleep. If they did not sleep well it will affect their growth rate. If babies did not sleep well they became so much moody and crying for long times. They do not even accept their feed from their mother. It means that they are giving red alerts to their parents that they want to nap for some time. Babies did not sleep during the whole night they also take little naps at night. Different babies need a different period at night- Scimce.

Age of childPercentage of babies who did not sleep 6 to 7 hours at nightPercentage of babies who did not sleep 7 to 8 hours at night
6 months old38%57%
12 months old28%44%

Babies take nap after every 45 minutes to one hour but problems come if they are not sleeping well. Maybe they are crying hard for a long time. It means that they have some issues like they may feel belly fat, belly cramps, or they face pain in their body parts mostly ear and legs. In this situation, parents should concern their child’s specialist soon for proper medication for them.

Why Do Babies Sleep so Much?

As babies are blessed with a little stomach that needs 25 ouches of their mother’s milk. And with Scimce, it gets full very soon whether they are on breastfeeding or normal feed. So. whenever they feel full after a feed they might sleep at that time. The amount of feed may increase with their growth also. So, it’s good that your baby sleeps well with a good feeding pattern also.


Babies are the blessing of God but as a new parent, you might be facing a lot of challenges. Babies’ sleep is one of them. As parents, you should take care of them a lot and give notice to their feeding and sleeping pattern. If you ever feel a disturbance, consult a doctor immediately. It’s hard to understand their pain or any internal issue as a new parent. So, you should always have a doctor for such emergencies. Moreover, ensure that your babies are getting enough sleep for their proper growth.