Game developers consider Minecraft Jungles a rare occurrence. Jungles are found in almost every biome in Minecraft, but normally have a higher chance of spawning near Savannas, Mesas, and Deserts. A large number of trees makes jungles immediately noticeable. 

With their leaves, the jungle will be covered from top to bottom. Here’s how to find a jungle in Minecraft?

How to find a Jungle in Minecraft: Minecraft Jungles Background.

Originally rain forests preceded Jungles in earlier versions of the game, but Jungles appeared in the Adventure Update in early 2012. Obviously, you can tell modified jungle edges exist by seeing the tall trees and thick vegetation on the ground.

Throughout Minecraft’s jungles, you will find plants and animals that cannot be found anywhere else. Apart from the dozens of sheep, pigs, chickens, and cows that roam around the grounds, you may also see pandas, parrots, and ocelots – all of which are enjoyable to observe. 

You can be alerted to hostile mobs by imitating the sounds of parrots; this includes creepers. You should stay away from your farm if you have encroaching creepers or phantoms, as they can harm baby turtles and chickens. 

What about pandas? The panda is useless but cute. I don’t want to knock Mojang just because I think it’s the only reason I stay, so I won’t.

How to Find a Jungle in Minecraft: Jungle Types in Minecraft

There are several types of jungle biomes Minecraft:

  • Regular Jungle
  • Jungle Hills
  • Jungle Edge
  • Minecraft Bamboo Jungles

Regular Jungle

A regular Jungle Minecraft biome can be dangerous, but Jungle Hills can be more dangerous. As long as you can get a way to lift yourself off the ground, you’ll be much safer on a jungle hill. 

There are fewer trees and they are further apart in Edge variants of the Jungle biome. Pandas tend to live in bamboo jungles, which are smaller and have fewer trees than regular Jungles.

Jungle Ocelots.

Only jungle biomes contain ocelots. The trees and bushes around the Minecraft game make it difficult to locate Ocelots, but they are absolutely worth seeking since they scare off Minecraft Creepers.

Ocelots can be caught by approaching slowly with uncooked fish. Stop and stay where you are after the mob notices you. To gain an Ocelot’s trust, allow him to approach and feed him.

Jungle Temples.

Occasionally, mossy cobblestone and chiseled stone brick are found in Jungle biomes. There are many traps, puzzles, and treasures in these Jungle Temples. Inside you will find items from Arrows to emeralds.

Bamboo jungle Minecraft.

Cocoa plants grow exclusively on the sides of jungle trees in the Jungle biome. Three forms of cocoa plants exist small green plants, medium yellow-orange plants, and ready-to-harvest orange-brown plants.

In addition to crafting recipes for food, cocoa can also be used to change the color of items. In order to farm cacao beans outside the Jungle, you’ll need some Jungle Wood, so bring some with you when you leave from bamboo forest Minecraft/bamboo forest.

How to Find a Jungle in Minecraft?

Minecraft can’t find jungle? It’s sometimes hard to find specific biomes in Minecraft. Maybe you have trouble finding one of those mushroom islands or mesas. 

In a seed, players can search for a certain biome using a few different techniques instead of spending hours in a seed. The Java and Bedrock Editions of Minecraft both support at least one of these methods. Here’s is how to find a jungle in Minecraft:

Use Different Commands.

How to find a jungle in Minecraft with commands? By using console commands in-game, playing Java Edition lets you locate a specific biome easily. Cheaters must be enabled in the game world for this to work. If players don’t want to use cheats, there is an alternative method that doesn’t require them.

When players are on Java Edition type /locate some, a window will appear with several options. Hit enter once you’ve selected your biome of interest. The player is able to see where the nearest type of biome is. Players will then have the option to walk, teleport, or simply run there.

Use Biome Finder.

In-game console commands or cheats on cheaters aren’t for everyone, and that’s fine. The Java Edition is also rarely used by many players. Using Minecraft jungle map or online biome finding tool, such as chunk base, is an alternative to the Minecraft biome finder.

Players must only enter the seed of the biome they are looking for in the world they wish to find. After generating the map, players can seek the coordinates of the biome they want by scrolling through the entire game world.

The player can then head back to their game world and use the coordinates they just received to find their way to their destination.

For most players, this will be the best method of finding a specific biome in both the Bedrock and Java Editions of Minecraft.


It is not easy to survive in the jungle edge Minecraft. In one respect, you’ll likely never run out of wood. However, it can sometimes be difficult to travel through the undergrowth, and getting lost can be quite easy. For a house to be built, a large area must be cleared.

Instead of building outward, build upward. Treehouses are ideal in jungles because they let you expand through the canopy instead of living at ground level like a villager. Be careful not to look down & follow ours guide on how to find a jungle in Minecraft.

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