The platform makes music and podcasts available via digital copyright-restricted streaming. Spotify’s music library contains over 70 million songs. Visit the official website or download the client to use the service. Paid subscriptions provide access to additional features. The Spotify app is available for a wide range of operating systems, such as Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android. Users can now hide songs in Spotify so it will skip the tracks they do not like, a new feature that Spotify launched recently that How To Unhide A Song On Spotify? and many people are asking about this. Premium users were the first to have access to this feature. 

Here’s How to Unhide a Song on Spotify.

What Can Hide or Delete Songs on Spotify?

It is essential to understand its cause before we discuss how to unhide a song on Spotify. Therefore, you can pinpoint the cause of the issue and solve it quickly. Before we look at how to unhide a song on Spotify 2021, let’s look at the reasons that make them deleted or hidden.

Why Spotify Hides Songs?

  • There is a possibility that the song you are trying to listen to isn’t on Spotify.
  • There was no stable internet connection available to you.
  • Your Spotify account may be associated with another account.
  • It is possible that the song isn’t available in the country or region where you live.
  • The song can be unavailable because of copyright issues.

What Causes Spotify Songs to be Deleted?

  • Your device might not be able to load Spotify properly.
  • If the network is disabled, the song will not be downloaded.
  • Attempting to access a song that was accidentally deleted might not be possible.
  • The song could have been deleted due to any number of issues related to the device or app.

Where Can I Find Unhidden Songs on Spotify?

You must first set Spotify to show unplayable songs to find a hidden Spotify song on iOS and Android.

 Select Settings > Playback from the Spotify app. By switching Hide Unplayable Songs left, you will hide all songs that cannot be played.

Navigate to the Spotify app’s Settings > Playback section to do so. By clicking the Hide Unplayable Songs button, you will hide songs that can’t be played. Here’s how to unhide a song on Spotify mobile;

How to unhide a Song on Spotify For Android Phone.

Tap the ‘Settings’ option on the Spotify home page of an Android device. Then enable the option to show non-playable songs. The three dots are right at the top of the Spotify playlist. You can navigate between them by clicking on them. If you want to unhide songs from the playlist, select the ‘Hidden’ option.

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How to unhide a Song on Spotify For iPhone.

Navigate to the ‘Settings’ option on Spotify’s home page on iPhone. Once that is done, turn off ‘Hide Unplayable Songs.’ The playlist can be expanded by pressing the three dots at the top right and selecting ‘Hidden’ from the expanded choices.

How to unhide a Song on Spotify For PC.

If you’re using a PC, click the dropdown symbol and tap ‘Settings.’ Press the ‘Show Unavailable Songs in Playlist’ button in the Display option. Now, you can unhide the soundtrack by going to the playlist and clicking the ‘Hide’ button again.