Jayda Cheaves is a famous American entrepreneur, Youtuber and social media celebrity. She is mainly known for being an Instagram sensation. She came into this world on the 25th of September, 1977 in Savannah, Georgia, United States of America.

Moreover, the answer to “Who is Jayda cheaves?” is that she belongs to an African family. She is widely known by her nicknames which are “Wayda and Ayanna”. She is a sister to a brother and sister. The name of her brother is Len and the name of her sister is Ameerah.

Her mother’s name is Tricia Cheaves and her father’s name is still unknown but her father is a business owner according to the resources.

She graduated from Windsor Forest High School in 2015. Prior to this, she graduated from the University of Georgia. She is currently living in Atlanta, USA. She is also famous for dating rapper Lil Baby. They both had a relationship that lasted from time to time. Currently, she is 24 years old.

Jayda wished to be an entrepreneur in her childhood and moved to Atlanta to focus on it. She created her Instagram account there.

She is both attractive and bold and is 5 feet and 1 inch tall. Some people believe she underwent some form of cosmetic surgery to achieve her bold, charming and awe-inspiring body.

Furthermore, she is a fashion freak who loves wearing branded clothes and accessories. Her wardrobe is full of brands like Armani, Fendi, Gucci, Givenchy, Louis Vuitton and many more. But out of the many things that she owns from these brands some are her top favorites.

In addition to this, she is also a tattoo lover and even got a tattoo made on her back which she loves to show off. Her hair is very long and flawless. This is because she deals in hair products and maintains her hair well.
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Jayda Cheaves Professional life:

Professionally, she is a famous Instagram celebrity. However, she’s known all over the social media but her Instagram is the main source of her fame.

Jayda cheaves ig account “jaydacheaves” is verified and has over 6.5 million followers. She often shares her life, daily adventures and the pictures of her modelling on her account. She also uses her Instagram account for good causes like she supported people of the African community when the protest was taking place in America. Her uploaded a black picture to support “BlackOutTuesday”.

She also has a Youtube channel with 324k subscribers currently. She made her first vlog in 2018 and published it with the title “jayda’s first vlog”. In addition to this, she also has a Twitter account named wayddamin having over 263.5k followers. Also, she’s on Snapchat as Jaydawayda.

Her latest business venture is a clothing line named Waydamin merch. Apart from this, she also deals in the hair of humans. She started an online business of wigs and products related to hair titled AmourJayda.

Jayda Cheaves is also a brand ambassador of a famous fashion company “PrettyLittleThing” based in Manchester, USA. She also worked with some famous companies like GSU WOO and Fashion nova.

When she was not famous enough, she used to sell her used clothes on a website named “Poshmark”. She was a teenager back then. From this, she hit upon the idea of starting her own site. She owns it now and earns a handsome amount from it. She is also seen in music videos such as “Close friends” and “Catch the sun”.

Jayda Cheaves Net Worth:

Being a famous social media personality she has earned a handsome amount of money from her work. There is not any specific amount known but after looking at her business and her work which is done on her social media accounts. We can estimate her net worth to be somewhere between 3.5$ TO 4$ million.

In one of her interviews, she revealed that she earned 2 million dollars from her business. Apart from this, she owns luxury and expensive cars such as GT 4 and Mercedes G63. She is enjoying a lavish yet luxurious lifestyle.

 Relationship Status:

If we talk about her relationship status, she is single at this point. Previously, she dated a rapper, Lil Baby.

She also gave birth to a baby boy from Lil Baby. The name of their baby boy is Loyal Armani. She and Lil Baby met each other back in 2016 and got along. Her age was 19 years old back then.

After dating each other for approximately 1.5 years they broke up at the start of 2018. But, after that, she got pregnant with Lil Baby’s child. So, he got back to her to provide for their child.

Besides this, Lil Baby once said that they both still share a harmonious relationship even after the breaking up. Their relationship always seemed to be growing and going well. They both went through a rough patch in the start of 2020 when she uploaded a cryptic messages series online.

But in February, she confirmed that they both have broken up.  And the reason behind their break up was that Lil Baby made various suggestive comments in the press.


On April 7, 2020, Jayda cheaves age was 23 years when she had to face a controversy when she said that having kids can destroy relationships. She said: “I mean, be real with yourself. Do it look like I want more kids? I’m playing, but I said I’m not having another child until I get married.” “I stress to my best friend a hundred times a day, like, don’t have no baby.” “Stay just fu*kin with a ni*ga”.

Moreover, she said that don’t let that n*gga get you pregnant cause uh uh, don’t have a baby. I’m telling you. Don’t have a baby, have fun. I love my baby, don’t get me wrong, but like, they ruin relationships.

But right now, that controversy has met an end and she is free of it now.