Jessica Ditzel has caught the eyes of the media in the past years. Jessica Ditzel is a successful model now but she got in the limelight by being with Joe Rogan who are now leading their separate lives. Joe Rogan is a successful comedian, actor, and television host. On the other hand, Jessica used to be a cocktail waiter before she became a model and started her own family. 

Both of the celebrities shared a romantic relationship and the fans were loving this. They tied the knot and even have children. The marriage with Joe Rogan was the reason Jessica Ditzel got this immense popularity. Currently, she is famous as a TV producer because of her husband’s shows. She is one of the celebrities who got the limelight of her own husband’s fame. 

A lot of people want to know about the Joe Rogan family or Joe Rogan’s wife and kids. Well, Joe Rogan is the husband of Jessica Ditzel. He was born on August 11, 1967, in Newark, New Jersey. Since he got a little old, he had a keen interest in martial arts no matter what. Jessica Rogan has also told the media about her husband’s hard work and interests. While he had the passion due to his injuries he left this field at the age of 21. 

Soon, his other career was on the line as a stand-up comic. A lot of people might not know him at that time. But you will see people asking about him. Questions like Is Joe Rogan married or who is his family. 

Jessica Ditzel Biography:

Jessica Sloan Ditzel was born in Sugar Land, Texas on July 18, 1975. She is currently 46 years old and makes enough time for parenting. She graduated from the Doherty High School in Colorado in 1993. She also got her advanced degree through the California State University Long beach. In her college years, she was in the modeling career for the EM model management. 

She has also worked as an assistant at a rental car enterprise, product analyst for Volvo motorsports. After working in different fields in her life, even waitressing, she finally became a part of TV production. For a while, the couple dated and before their marriage, they had a daughter Lola in 2008. After that, they tied the knot and in the following year, their 2nd daughter Rosy was born. 

Working as a stand-up comedian in 1998, Joe Rogan has also a history of working in other jobs. Like teaching martial arts, newspaper delivery and so much more. Rogan worked hard to get a position on the TV and become such a successful person. Today, he has millions of followers around the world who know and praise him. After being a comedian, he went into podcast hosting and acting. 

There are many of his famous films and shows that include, Hardball, Just shoot me, The union, UCF wired, and Gameshow in my head. Moreover, the Zookeeper, Rocky Mountain high, Triggered, Bright and other works got him so many awards. He got the Teen Choice awards as well and today became the celebrity of Hollywood. 

The personal life of Jessica Ditzel:

Apart from being in the limelight as the Rogan daughter’s mother, she also has another daughter. Keven from her late father is the eldest daughter of Jessica. Before she falls in love with Rogan, she was in a relationship with Keven Dino Connor. He was in a music band who died in an accident with his girlfriend in 2003. Apart from them, there is no other public knowledge of Jessica dating. 

In the start, she hid her relationship with Rogan and they dated for 8 years. In 2008, the engagement was announced and they finally got married in 2009. Many people consider that the first daughter of Rogan is his but it’s of Connor. After the couple married, Rogan changed her birth’s last name and she is known as Kayja Rose. Jessica has kept her life quite private from the media and she is not active on her accounts. 

Joe Rogan’s wife rarely comes on interviews and makes public appearances. She likes to keep her busy at work and with family. Her daughters are everything for her and she wants to create memories with them. Before she met Rogan, she was a cocktail waitress in Los Angeles, but her career takes a great hit. A lot of thanks go to Rogan who was so supportive of his girlfriend.  Read it, Archie Heaton.

Jessica Ditzel is mistaken for Jessica Lynne Schimmel:

A lot of people also mistake Jessica for Jessica Lynne Schimmel. It is probably because of their first name and has comedians in their lives. But they are both different personalities and known for their own families. There are a lot of questions going on the internet about Jessica Schimmel Joe Rogan’s wife. But, she is not his wife as both of the ladies have the same name. 

Jessica’s daughter Kayja is into music and has 16k followers on social media. She has a great passion and talent that she never hides from her fans. Soon, she wants to make her album or work on a song. Right, now she is living with her mother and enjoying time with her siblings. 

Who is Joe Rogan daughter:

Joe Rogan daughter

Joe Rogan is a famous comedian who got married to Jessica Ditzel. You might have seen him on the fear factor as well when he was hosting the show. She was a cocktail waitress but now she is famous on a global scale. People who ask about Joe Rogan’s wife and kids should know that Joe has two daughters. But he is also the guardian of Jessica’s daughter from her first marriage. 

They are like a true family and we cannot get enough of their pictures. And, we cannot forget about their dog marshallmae rogan. He is another important member of the family with 743000 fans on Instagram. Marshall has been making regular appearances on the family’s social media. He is also in the limelight like the rest of the family. 

Joe Rogan is also famous because of his podcasts as well. You might be a fan of his stories as his net-worth through podcasts is $30 million. The celebrity has 13 million followers on Instagram as well. He consistently posts pictures of his dog doing podcasts on air. In May 2020, Rogan got a big opportunity of signing a deal with Spotify. All of Rogan’s episodes which were on YouTube and iTunes were removed. 

It was the part of the deal with Spotify where he has an exclusive home for all of his videos and audios. The best part is that it was a successful opportunity. Not a lot of people know about this and it is just a guess that he got $100 million by Spotify. Now, the new net worth of the celebrity is around $100 million. He is doing many other projects as well currently which makes him successful today.