Matthew Mario Rivera was born in 1982 in the USA. Also known as Matt Rivera is an American professor at “New York University”. He is one of the best producers, reporters, and journalists. 



His father’s name is Daniel O Rivera he is a retired officer from the sheriff’s office. His mother’s name is Loraine Vetter who is a nurse in Catherine of the sienna hospital. 



After divorcing Daniel his mother married another person. Matthew started his school journey from 1996 to 200 at Sachem High School. He did his Bachelor degree in journalism from ‘NYU



Matthew Mario Rivera Biography:



Matthew Mario is an intelligent person whose career started in 2004 when he was quite young. He is interested in documentaries so he establishes the foundation name as ‘Moose Production’. 



There he struggles hard and within three years he created feature films and many short films. Moreover, he provided chances of employment to people at his production house. 



Later on, Matthew joined ‘The Wall street journal’ and become a fabulous reporter. In a small time, he became a professor at ‘Bauhaus-Weimar and instructor for BBC video program located in England.  Most of the works have been created on ‘A&E,’, ‘BBC,’ and  ‘Trvel Channel.



The Current Profession of  Matthew Mario Rivera:



Now he is a producer of ‘Meet the Press with chunk Todd’.He also takes interviews with senior leaders of America. He has an important role in placing ‘NBC’. He overlooks social life and video distributions at different platforms and is considered as one of the successful people.



The love life of  Matthew Mario Rivera:



Matthew meets first time with the lady name Kaise Hunt at NBC news and soon they fall in love with each other. She was born in 1985 in Pennsylvania. The lady completes her school life at Conestoga High School and university life at George Washington University. Kaise Hunt is also a journalist and involved in politics. 



Overall many reports say that Mathew Mario had love relationships with other few ladies in past. But, soon he got engaged with Hunt Kaise in 2010, and in 2017 he got married to her. Their marriage was held at ‘Shenandoah Woods,’ a lodge and retreat in Stanley, Virginia. They have their first baby boy on 4 Sep 2019. Their baby was so cute who weighed nine pounds at the time of birth, his name is MarsHunt Rivera.



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The Net worth of Matthew Mario Rivera:



Matthew is considered one of the successful and richest people. His net worth is $2million because his average salary was counted as$60,000 t0 $95,000 as a producer. 



His wife is also a professional woman and earns a good income which can also be added to his net worth. Her net worth is calculated more than Matthew Mario’s as it is $3million.



Facts About Matthew Mario Rivera:



The man struggles high for his career which made him successful in his life. He is a highly skilled person and creates commercials videos. Moreover, he sometimes invests from his resources like he manages judicious utilization for the production purpose. He took the responsibility for International newspaper as well. 



Full name  Matthew Mario Rivera
Nationality American
Color White
height 5 feet 8 inched
Current weight 77kg
Hair color Brown
Eyecolor Brown
Physical appearance Handsome



Social accounts



Instagram [email protected]



Twitter [email protected]