Born in 1950, he was part of the Baby Boomer generation. Born under the Virgo birth sign, he has a life path number of 6. Gladiolus is Narvel’s birth flower, and Peridot and Sardonyx are her birthstones. What does all this mean? Here’s what we can find out! Learn all the facts about Narvel Blackstock that nobody tells you below

Narvel Blackstock’s Social Media Accounts.

There isn’t much information available about Narvel’s life and opinions because he doesn’t have a social media handle.

Born in The Year of the Monkey.

Narvel Blackstock was born within the Monkey Year. The Chinese zodiac says that people with the Chinese zodiac monkey are intelligent, smart, pretty, and blessed with wealth. Among their many characteristics are their youthful energy, flexibility, wit, and versatility. Passion, self-confidence, sociability, and innovation are their strengths.

Additionally, they are also sometimes arrogant, jealous, suspicious, cunning, and selfish. There are three lucky colors: white, gold, and blue. Their lucky numbers are 1, 7, and 8.

The Birthstone for Narvel Blackstock is Peridot.

Peridot symbolizes strength. Pele was thought to have cried tears of green peridot from her volcano ashes. The wearer of this gemstone was said to be protected from nightmares when set in gold.

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Narvel Blackstock Has a Life Path Number of 6.

Six represents ‘The Nurturer’. When walkers of Number 6 walk in unconditional love, they bring healing, nurturing, and healing to the world. Compassion and empathy are taught in number 6. It is a manifestation of Mother Gaia’s energy.

Among the values are responsibility, family, and long-term goals. Making your home comfortable and figuring out Narvel Blackstock’s measurements are the challenges. 

The height and weight of Narvel are unknown, but he is roughly six feet tall. There is neither much brown nor black in his hair, but he has dark brown eyes. 

Controversies & Scandals

Due to his past relationship with Reba McEntire, Narvel Blackstock has appeared several times in the news since his divorce was announced. Due to her strong faith in God as well as her passion for work, the singer recovered from the divorce. 

During an interview on ‘CMT Radio Live’ in March 2016, McEntire shared that she didn’t want the divorce and had no plans to do so. Her father had taught her to take my marbles elsewhere once she went through a divorce.

Based on this thought, she convinced herself following the divorce to “take my marbles and go play somewhere else”.

Narvel Blackstock’s divorce was announced shortly after, and he quickly found a new partner – Laura Putty Stroud, McEntire’s best friend in Nashville, a real estate agent. Sources close to the couple say they once had a good friendship before they started dating, and are considering marriage.

The net worth of Narvel Blackstock.

He has tried various careers since entering the industry a long time ago. Throughout the years, he has accumulated some money as a producer, director, and musician. He now makes most of his money from his production house.

He has been an executive producer for a number of successful television series. His net worth is approximately 30 million USD as of 2021, which represents a good increase over last year’s 25 million USD.