It is common that most celebrities hit the headlines even walking around or eating at a restaurant. Well, it is a trend now that celebrities are famous not only for their professional but personal life as well. It has been difficult for these people as well about what to share or not. As there is no privacy behind the world of cameras. That is where the mystery of Sarah Williams Joel Mchale starts. 

While some celebrities are sharing their routine with people, others are trying to hide in their life. That’s something not a lot of people can master to keep their life secret and away from publicity. Sarah Williams is the wife of famous comedian Joel Mchale who is in the limelight of the industry. With plenty of projects and shows, his wife remains hidden in the mystery.

People know her but not a lot about her and that’s what makes them curious. So, here is something to read about her. 

Sarah Williams Joel Mchale childhood:

The wife of the famous actor Joel Mchale was born on 10 August 1970. Her father died at a very young age so she doesn’t share much about her. She was brought up and raised perfectly by her single mother Sally Williams. Her mother is now 81 years old but Sarah expresses a lot about her. She shares that what a truly dedicated mother she is and even without her father she had a normal childhood. 

Her mother became a widow at the age of 42 but still never took her attention off of Sarah. She shares that wherever she is today is because of her mother and her parenting that makes her so strong. Her mother worked hard to make her and her brother’s life perfect in every way. Sarah’s mother is now suffering from Alzheimer’s but as a perfect daughter, she is always taking care of her. 

However, her educational history is still a mystery for us as it is not near any records. But, considering her brought up and her social media identity, she seems to be quite educated. 

Sarah Williams Joel Mchale Romance with Joel Mchale:

Although Sarah Williams is quite a mystery people do wonder that how did she marry a famous comedian. How do they meet? Where was it? So, it is a wonder that how they bumped into each other like that. 

So, let’s start the story that how showbiz and a normal life met in 1995. It was the very first time Joel saw Sarah. He was a fresh graduate from the University of Washington. For him, it was love at first sight. He asked her friend that whether she could try that Sarah goes on a date with him. Her friend told him that it is a fat chance but I will still ask her about it. 

Luckily, Sarah agreed and today they have become the most adorable couple in the town. They were quite the lovebirds back too as they dated one year and took vows on 20th July 1996. They both knew how they felt so they didn’t want to wait anymore. The wedding however was quite a secret so there is not much information shared about it. 

Soon, the couple is going to celebrate their 26th anniversary. They have a happy married life with no rumors at all about any breakup or fights. Together, the couple has attended many award shows and red carpet events. And, they look quite great together that we can say. She has been by him in every thick and thin of his life. Together, now they have two adorable sons that they are raising together. 

Sarah Williams Joel Mchale Miscarriage:

With all the happiness in her life, she has also felt the sadness of losing a child. There is no news and records of when this happened and how. But, it did as Joel confirmed it. They went to their friend who is not even their physician but Joel said he trusted him with this matter. Even today, they do not speak about it and never share any news regarding it. 

Sarah Williams Joel Mchale Social Media Presence:

It is now a real surprise that she doesn’t have a lot of followers. She has a public account with more than 4000 followers as she follows some close people. It’s where she shares her family pictures and lets us catch a glimpse of her life.