Planning to surprise your special one this year on their birthday but still sceptical about how to make them feel adored? Birthdays are always fun, especially when they are of someone extremely close to you. But then again, the closer someone is to you, the better their birthday surprise needs to be.

Birthdays mark the completion of an important milestone in our lives and prepare us for the upcoming phases of the same. They help us cherish the individual and every positive influence they have had in the life of others.

 If you have a special someone in your life who tends to love you beyond anyone else in the whole wide world, this article will provide you with a few ideas to make them feel loved on their birthday. Your partner is one of the most important individuals in your life, as they hold your hand through every situation.

They are aware of your positives and negatives and love each bit of you from the core of their heart. If they have their birthday coming up, why not plan something fun and exciting? If you stay away from them, send birthday flowers online to Bangalore and pay a surprise visit to them. Let’s have a look at some other ways to celebrate your partner’s birthday. 

Lavish Birthday Party:

 Birthdays party can be arranged for your partner by calling out all their family members and friends. You can arrange a surprise birthday party for them with snacks, dinner and music altogether. Make sure that you let out invitations privately and inform the guests of your plans so that they can play along to make sure no one spoils the surprise.

You can arrange an outdoor barbeque and a karaoke machine to make things a bit more fun and exciting. A huge cake to top it up can do wonders to attract all the guests. 

Surprise Birthday Visit:

 If you and your partner stay away due to any particular reason, you can pay them a surprise visit this year on their birthday. When someone truly loves you, the best gift you can give them is your love and presence in their life, especially when it comes to their special days, such as birthdays and promotions.

Surprise them by knocking on their door on the day of their birthday, and believe me, and they will feel the luckiest when you do so. 

Movie Night Date:

 Can’t decide what to plan on your partner’s birthday and don’t even have the resources to do so? Plan a fun movie night date by decorating the house and playing a movie marathon at night with all of your partner’s favourite picks for the evening. You can order a few snacks online to make the night even better.

Sometimes we are unable to plan huge events due to a lack of time and resources. For such times, a movie date night might be the best option to save yourself and make the other person feel special. 


 Does your partner wish to visit a certain destination but keeps postponing the plan due to lack of time and finances? Plan this trip for them by getting flight tickets for that destination and planning the visit well in advance.

You need to be well informed of all the places you need to visit in that destination so that once you reach you know exactly where to go and how to go.

A trip will give you much needed time alone and away from the busy city lights. You can relax and distress with each other while sharing some loving time. 

Their Favourite Band’s Concert or Game:

 If your partner’s favourite band has a concert coming up, why not gift them with tickets to the same. You can go with them to accompany them on this special experience.

This will be one of the best gifts you can give them if they are diehard fans of that particular brand. Similarly, if they have a favourite sports team that is about to have a game nearby, you can gift your partner tickets to the game as well. 

Cake and Flowers:

 A birthday party is incomplete without a cake and some flowers. Send flowers online and pair them up with a customized cake of your partner’s favourite flavour, and you will have the best birthday bash ever. 

Your partner is your guardian as they take care of you, a friend who will keep all your secrets and, of course, as a partner who will listen to all your insecurities and still stay by you. You have someone to communicate and grow old with without being judged and questioned.

A supportive partner can help you succeed in your life and achieve goals that you never thought you could ever do. So, send flowers online to Bangalore and let your partner know of the love you have for them.