Movie prospects have improved a lot as entered a new decade. A major change taking place in 2021: the way we watch movies has changed dramatically. 

Hollywood is experiencing larger changes than ever before as Warner Bros. For example, has released & will be releasing almost all of its 2021 movies both on HBO Max. And in theaters, in a move that could mark the beginning of major industry changes. 

Below you will find a list of the top 4 2021 films to add to your watchlist.

The Dig

“The Dig,” tells the story of amateur archeologist Basil Brown (Ralph Fiennes). He finds himself asked to dig up a series of large, mysterious mounds on the property of wealthy widow Edith Pretty (Carey Mulligan). 

A ship practically buried underground, an ancient Anglo-Saxon king’s tomb. And evidence that the Vikings were not the only ones who inhabited this land are all being exposed by him shortly. 

With each dig, our characters learn more about the past and those who came before them. Within the context of that knowledge. Even the smallest gestures of their own lives seem insignificant and seismic at the same time. 


During a trip to sunny Florida, Best Friends Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo get in trouble and find themselves in a bind with the car title loans. From the surface, Wiig’s latest film looks to be the kind of zany, mass-market comedy she is known for. 

In spite of all this, this is absolutely weirdo cinema, full of non-sequiturs and oblique cutaways. As well as strong adherence from its stars. Using a kind of brio that makes each other’s sentences look complete. Wiig and Mumolo exude all the charisma of a team that has been working together for decades. 

My Zoe.

In Julie Delpy’s harrowing parental drama, the first half may require some emotional strength. Delpy’s single mother constantly looks out for the safety of her young daughter. Always showing affection and caring, and I can’t help but worry that something terrible will happen to her. 

It does – so be prepared. It gets way crazier and more entertaining once Daniel Brühl shows up in this film, so know that as well. My Zoe not only explores how we cope with grief – or do not cope – but also offers powerful insights into the tangled web of scientific, familial, and emotional ethics.

Raya and the Last Dragon.

Raya and the Last Dragon is both a princess movie and a dystopian action film. Disney shows how ably it can adapt its animation formula to the modern blockbuster era. Heroine (Kelly Marie Tran) is both a fiercely determined martial artist and the daughter of the chief. 

In addition to Raya, it has an adorable animal companion named Tuk Tuk, a hybrid of an armadillo and a pill bug. Its Southeast Asia-inspired fantasy world may seem slick to a fault, but it is beguiling and beautifully portrayed. 

Awkwafina is a triumphant voice in this film, voicing Sisu, the cheerful, loyal dragon who reverberates throughout with genuine heart.

We are sure you will love these movies, just watch them & let us know in the comments how you liked them.