Donald Trump, former president of the United States, has been made fun of ever since he became the president of America. Trump jokes have always been trendy. Even some people say that Trump at least made the political comedy more alive than it ever was. So, read on to have a little laughter by this year’s best jokes of Donald Trump.

 2021’s Trump Jokes 

  1. I wonder what Trump’s wife sees in him!

I mean what else it could be other than Covid-19, high cholesterol, and a bucket of money?

Well, yes, it was certainly one of the funniest Donald Trump jokes ever. And here come more.

  1. How can you make Trump agree on changing a light bulb right away?

Tell him it was installed by Obama.

  1. What is the cost of keeping Trump alive?

One penny.

  1. An accident occurred last night, and unfortunately, Trump’s library is no more because it burnt down.

People are sharing sympathies with him as it was a huge disaster for him. Because both of his books burnt down and Trump is sad because he had colored one of them only.

Hoping that you have Liked all the Trump jokes so far, Here are More.

  1. What was the reason behind Trump getting completely soaked while he traveled down the river?

Fake canoes

  1. Can you tell the difference between a kidney bean and a chickpea?

Trump Never Got to pay more for Having a kidney Bean on his Face.

  1. Republicans still tend to support Donald Trump. Why the hell is it so?

Perhaps they believe to take a baby to full term.

  1. Have you ever thought about how Trump plays darts?

Well, He first throws them. After that, he Proceeds towards them and Draws the Targets Around Them.

  1. Donald Trump was asked about a way to deal with Hurricane Florence. Can you believe how he responded?

“Pay her the same as Stormy Daniels!”

  1. A lie is what Abraham Lincoln couldn’t ever tell.

Truth is what Richard Nixon couldn’t ever tell.

The Difference Between them is what Donald Trump can’t Ever Tell.

So, Donald Trump jokes can make your day, even if you are in no mood to smile.

  1. What could Trump’s secret agenda most probably be?

To make the United States hate again.

  1. In public, Trump is mostly seen with his wife Melania. Why she only? Why not the other wives?

Because she’s the only one among his other wives who doesn’t support Joe Biden.

  1. When Trump was elected as president, what biggest challenge he most probably could have faced?

Most Probably, finding a Cabinet Position for his Hairpiece.

  1. Trump wants to get rid of Mexicans in America. How does he plan it?

Oh, you know, Juan by Juan.

  1. What would you see if you got a chance to look deep into Donald Trump’s eyes?

The back of his skull.

  1. What do you think the song “Kokomo” is about?

The several locations of the bank accounts of Trump.

  1. The race card can be played by the racial minorities

The card of “equal opportunity” can be played by females

Which card can be played by the redneck-trailer-trash people?

The Trump Card.

So far, these were short Trump jokes. Now, the following is a long joke, but it’d easily lift your mood.

  1. Once upon a time, a group of scientists was running an experiment on the human brain to investigate how a human brain would work if some of its sections were removed. They cut off half of the brain of the first subject and then asked him to count to 10. The subject responded by saying “one, four, eight, ten”. Intrigued by this result, the scientists decided to cut off the entire brain of the subject. 

After doing that, they again asked him to count to 10. The subject replied, “I surely can count to ten as I’m best at it. No one in the whole world can count better than I can. They spread false news when they disagree with me.

People can only count a few good numbers, but I can count all the numbers. No one is better than I am in counting, not even China”.