You may always rely on Venmo’s service if you want to send or receive money from your buddies. If you are checking out whether Venmo lost connection with bank or not? then here is a quick explanation.

Venmo is a dependable software that gives you access to several financial dealings on your phone. Any money transmitted between Venmo users is received right away in the recipient’s account with zero cost or hidden charges.

Yet what if you need to make a payment right away but your account is experiencing a bank issue? Users will undoubtedly feel let down if they use Venmo as their primary payment option in such cases. People and service users are curious about the thing, whether Venmo lost connection with bank or not

Read everything about Venmo, What is it? How does it work, how to withdraw money from Venmo without a card and how to add money to Venmo

Venmo Lost Connection With Bank or not

What is Venmo?

Peer-to-peer (P2P) payment app Venmo was first offered for free on both iPhones and Android smartphones. The use of Venmo to make payments to its millions of partner merchants remains free.

All the services are not free, a 3% fee is applied to payments made using a credit card account as opposed to a linked bank account or the user’s Venmo account. There are additional charges for depositing checks and sending money instantly from Venmo to a bank.

An increasing number of regional and international retailers accept the debit and credit cards that Venmo also offers. Read whether Venmo lost connection with bank or not. 

Venmo Payment not Showing Up in Bank Account?

Venmo fails to link your bank with your Venmo account, which is why the error message “Venmo lost connection with bank” is displayed. Using Venmo to make payments with a debit card or credit card is a simple process. However, you must link a bank account if you want to use all of the platform’s money transfer features.

Additionally, you must validate your profile by supplying your personal information in order to link this bank account. A user cannot finish the Venmo KYC Verification Process without providing their personal information. The reasons include:

  1. The password for your online banking has been recently updated
  2. You have not changed bank accounts in the Venmo app
  3. There is a server problem related to your bank company
  4. There may be some security issues or possible fraud
  5. There may be a bad internet connection

Read how to withdraw money from Venmo without a card ahead in the article.

Is Plaid not connecting to bank?

Is Plaid not connecting to bank?

Sometimes you may not be able to connect your accounts. There may be two reasons for it. 

1. Your financial institution isn’t listed:

Plaid has not integrated your financial institution yet or can’t reliably connect to your financial institution at this time.

2. Your connection failed:

If you attempt to connect to your financial institution but are unsuccessful, it could be due to the fact that your financial institution’s login information and password might have changed. 

Another reason may be that there might be a technical issue with Plaid, it is possible that your financial institution is having technical issues. Your financial institution can be restricting your connection options.

If you are experiencing issues and Plaid not connecting to bank, the reasons are pretty clear. 

How to withdraw money from Venmo without card?

Have you misplaced, forgotten, or failed to order a Venmo card? Do you still have any questions about whether or not you can use Venmo to make cash withdrawals without a card?

While using a cardless ATM with Venmo is not possible, there are a few workarounds that can be used. These consist of:

  • Switching to a debit card and a different bank account
  • Requesting assistance from a friend
  • Getting a Venmo card
  • Using a global prepaid debit card

Does Venmo Offer Cardless Withdrawals?

Cardless ATM withdrawals are not available through Venmo. This implies that you need to have a card on you in order to withdraw money from Venmo. This is due to the fact that Venmo does not yet include the essential functionality to handle these kinds of transactions.

As a result, the only ways to withdraw cash from Venmo are using your debit card at an ATM or over the counter at the majority of major banks and credit union locations, both of which also require you to present your debit card.

Can You Use a Prepaid Card or Gift Card with Venmo?

You can link credit, debit, and prepaid cards with network branding (such as American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa) that are registered in your name using Venmo. If you are facing the issue that Venmo payment not showing up in bank account, you can read the reasons for it above. 

For reasons related to the availability of funds or fraud prevention, cards may be rejected by the card issuer or Venmo. A zip code can also be necessary for some credit cards to link to your account. 

If you use your credit card to pay pals on Venmo, certain credit card issuers charge cash advance fees (potentially including an additional dollar amount or percentage rate, in addition to other possible cash advance service fees, including a higher APR). Contact your card provider for more details regarding whether these fees are applied.


Venmo is free to use for its intended purpose of sending and receiving money from friends and associates. Still curious about whether Venmo lost connection with bank?  Use of a linked credit card is not advised. To avoid charges, pay with your associated bank account or Venmo balance.

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