Why Your Small Business Blog is not Bringing any Results?

Try to understand the following most important reasons why your visitors are leaving your articles and bouncing off your site:

1. You Write for Yourself

This is the number one depravity on business blogs. Many business bloggers, especially if they are part of the business they are writing for, and even more so if they are the founders of that business, will write content they like. They write about a business and its success in terms that will only be judged by someone else in the same business. The problem is clear: the people who buy your products are not you.

When I’m faced with this business, I recommend hiring an external writer or content marketing or making a business blog plan. Professional content marketers know how to create the exact audience and create content that is valuable to potential audiences.

This does not mean that you should not write about your small business blog and its technologies; in fact, writing interesting articles about your technology and processes can be a great recruiting tool. But that doesn’t make it a great sales tool. If selling is your goal, write a business blog for your audience, not yourself. This is the big reason why your business needs a blog.

2. Your Content is Boring.

This assumption is somewhat related, but different. Pick five random articles from your blog and read them carefully. If you stumbled upon them on your Facebook feed or Twitter list, would you stay and read them? If you can’t put yourself in the shoes of a leader and then honestly say the content is valuable and interesting, it’s time to change your strategy.

3. You are using Click-Bait Headlines.

Click Bait is a popular strategy because it works for publishers who live and die from ad revenue. The same technique does not apply to companies looking to build a reputation for being reliable.

Your goal is to write content that engages your readers and gives them what they want. Attracting them to your small business blog with bait at the click of a button and then failing in a catchy headline is a recipe for generating high bounce rates.

4. Your Site is not Mobile-Friendly.

This one doesn’t need much explanation. Test the mobility and responsiveness of web designs. A large portion of online reading happens on phones and tablets. If your business blog plan does not consider making the site mobile friendly, it’d a failure. I as a ser just won’t bother, like most users to visit the site

It’s not hard to create a responsive website. If you are a WordPress user, use a responsive theme. A mobile shortcut is a Google Accelerated Mobile Page format that is available as a WordPress plugin.

5. Your Site is Slow

Performance is one of the most important ingredients in a positive reading experience, especially on mobile. If your page takes more than a couple of seconds to load, most visitors won’t wait, no matter how well written or interesting the content is. Learn to set up a free CDN service Cloudflare in WordPress/Blogger to speed up website loading.

6. You Don’t Choose the Right Hosting

Cheap hosting can save you a few cents, but this is a false economy. Find the best hosting company that understands your content management system and is committed to availability and uptime. And i must say this is also the major reason, visitor can’t turn into a customer

7. You add too much JavaScript code to the Page 

Need to track traffic for analytics, but do you need seven different tracking scripts on each page? Keep this to a minimum, or just remove unwanted JavaScript.

8. You Don’t use Caching 

Without caching, even the most nimble content management system will struggle with high traffic. If you’re a WordPress user and working on a small business blog, W3 Total Cache is a good option.