Wes Watson is a well-known Vlogger, Influencer, fitness trainer, and public speaker who teaches people how to deal with difficult events in their lives. He started off as a fitness trainer and social media activist.    

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About Wes Watson 

Wes Watson was born in California on November 19, 1983. He grew up there and repeatedly mentioned how well his parents cared for him and his brothers. Wes Watson’s family was extremely generous and hardworking.

He began selling marijuana to his older brother when he was 11 years old. By the age of 16, this man had evolved into an expert marijuana dealer. He largely discusses his company’s achievements at the time. He collects 400 kilos at $200 an lb, earning over $80K in weekly operating revenue. He might hike in competition to the ration and purchase an Escalade with cash at the same age.

Wes Watson’s Weight and Height 

Wes Watson maintained his workout program even when he was in jail, which is why he is strong and healthy now. His height is 6 feet, and he weighs around 240 pounds with a moderate body fat percentage. Wes Watson’s fitness age? It all began when he was in jail. His training started with a warm-up consisting of 30 sets of 10 burpees. Yes, 300 burpees are required before hitting the slabs for elevations and jawbones.

Wes Watson

Insights Into Wes Watson’s Life 

After serving 10 years in prison, Wes Watson returned to his family in 2018 and began a coaching and fitness training company. He began his business on a small scale with a few clientele. His monthly earnings varied from $800 to $3000 at the time. In his grandmother’s house, he split a twin bedroom with her. Wes Watson was having a difficult time; he didn’t have enough food to eat but canned Spanish and chicken.

Soon after that difficult period, he began to have setbacks, and his monthly profits began to exceed six figures. You can see Wes’s work net worth was around $350K at the time. He paid $14k for his grandmother’s credit or debit card addiction before leasing an apartment.

Wes Watson began acquiring assets after writing assets against his business. We purchased many new types of automobiles with cash. He put millions of dollars of his earnings into bitcoin and equities. He is also a significant shareholder in the real estate giant Blackstone.

Social Media Fame 

Wes Watson started his YouTube channel to communicate to people concerning fitness and the experiences he gained from his own experience. The channel immediately gained high popularity, with viewers listening in to hear Watson’s no-holds-barred approach to inspiration.

While his voice was uneven around the borders, his message struck a chord with numerous people who had dealt with the illegal justice system in the United States. Featuring profanity, anger, and tragic and redemptive stories, As per the one individual close to Watson, he was capable of creating a followership of lost souls in requirement of salvation, a cliche that matched the influencer well.

Marital Life 

Wes Watson went out to a stunning artist, tattoo model, and single mother who grabbed his attention on Instagram in 2019. The couple had an unmistakable connection after slipping into her DMs.

They fell in love quickly, both concealed in tattoos, both with colorful pasts and a burning desire to get past those pasts. The crazily impulsive couple married in less than a month. Wes Watson and his new wife, Valerie, were both chastised for marrying so quickly, but the couple stood by their conclusion—at least for a few years.

When Wes posted his YouTube vlogs at the time, he described their relationship as a roller coaster, filled with battles and petty arguments, but their “love for one another conquered everything.”

During his speech, he expressed pride in his long-term relationship with Valerie, telling the audience they would “never give up on one another.”

Their 3rd wedding anniversary was just days away when they separated in early 2022.

Additionally, Watson’s ex-wife revealed in a 2022 interview that she was stressed out and adapting to life as a single mother despite being vulnerable at the time. It was Wes who offered to help her, who she described as trying to save everyone.

Since they shared common experiences, he wanted to “fix things for” the lost young artist. There are two children in Valerie’s life: Wolf (born in 2019) and Xavier (born in 2007).

Despite the fact that Wolf is not mine by blood, Wes professes to love them as if they were his own. Among the children, he claims to have are three boys and a teenage daughter.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Where is Wes Watson from?

He is a native of the United States.

What is a normal day like for Wes Watson?

He likes waking up before everyone else at 2.45 a.m. and working out. He then washes his teeth, reads a good book, and finishes his morning ritual.

How much does Watson make?

Wes Watson earns around $30,000 every month. Wes Watson, on the other hand, earns around $360K every year. This is his official webpage.

How much does Wes cost for his coaching services?

Watson offers life counseling and charges fitness customers $250 per month. He also plans to create an online site with a $47 monthly charge.