If you are looking for – what report would best help identify potential browser issues with website traffic, we have got you covered. It is undoubtedly a commonly searched question on Google. As many people face browser issues with website traffic and turn to Google for the solution. Well, let us dive into the answer to your question:

What Report Would Best Help Identify Potential Browser Issues with Website Traffic?

If you are searching this question for an exam, then you must be coming up with options as follows:

  1. The Source or Medium Report
  2. The Active Users Report
  3. The Browser and OS Report
  4. None of the above

Well, if you are a beginner in Google Analytics tags, then the above-mentioned question can be a little tricky for you. However, if you are experienced in this domain, then it is an easy guess for you. 

Write down your lucky guesses and see if you got this one right or not. 

Correct Answer: c) The Browser and OS Report 

Let us dive a little more into the concept:
If you are facing any browser issues, then you might want to check up on the browser and OS report. A browser and OS report is a record of all the technologies and software used by visitors when they browse through a website. You can get the results for any kind of browser or version of the OS. 

Following are some of the Browsing Details you can get from a Browser and OS Report:

  • Browser Name (for Browser report)/ Operating System Name (for OS report)
  • Sessions
  • % New Sessions 
  • New Users
  • Bounce Rate 
  • Pages/Session
  • Average Session Duration 

Google Analytics

Introducing Google Analytics is prone to the fact that one may have complete conceptual knowledge of all the terms mentioned above. You can also see the pattern of your website traffic and how you can improve it. For example, if your website isn’t compatible with a new version of Google Chrome, you can upgrade your website accordingly. You can also improve your bounce rate or average session duration to increase traffic on your website. With a Browser and OS report, you can make your website more appealing and accessible to the targeted audience. 

For a successful website, one should have an analytics tool to help identify potential browser issues with website traffic. For this, Google Analytics is the best in the market. Google Analytics Interface is one of the most compatible user interfaces you can use for this purpose.

Well, this was all for what report would best help identify potential browser issues with website traffic. We hope that it helps you!