Joseph Antonio Cartegena, popularly known as Fat Joe, is married to the stunning Lorena Cartagena.

She and he have been together for two decades, which is unheard of for most celebrity weddings.

She had no public profile before they got married, but this changed when they did. The couple managed to save their marriage at a period when it almost broke down.

She was not only a mother and wife but also made an appearance in the Unsung documentary film. 

She made an appearance in a segment that highlighted her musician husband’s business endeavors.

Lorena’s Marriage

In the 1990s, she initially interacted with Fat Joe. He was still working to advance his musical career in New York at the time.

Building a strong connection in a challenging profession like music is more complicated. However, the two show strong character and a desire to collaborate. So, in 1995, they got married.

Rumours Of Divorce

Many speculations surfaced in 2012 that Lorena and the rapper from “Up” were planning to call it quits. 

According to several websites, their 17-year marriage was about to end, and they planned to part ways. 

Even worse, they said that the rapper’s blatant adultery with his wife was causing the couple to split up.

There was no truth to the rumor or speculation that divorce had split the two. However, it is accurate to say there was some conflict and strain in their marriage. 

However, it was never the case that they intended to end their marriage in such a dramatic manner. With their kids, the couple is still together and enjoying their marriage.

Anyone who is going through marital problems understands how terrible it can be, but having those issues. At the same time, the rest of the world is aware that they must sometimes be plain intolerable. 

Despite this, Joe and Lorena overcame it and had been thriving in their marriage ever since.

Although being a wife and mother is difficult, Lorena has demonstrated her independence in ways that may not be what some might anticipate.

Social Media Presence

Lorena is engaged on social media and frequently posts pictures of herself, her celebrity husband, and their kids. 

Over the years, she has developed a good fan base, and we have to question if she will ever use Facebook or other sites to grow her fan base.

Lorena and Joe remain at the pinnacle and are still blissfully married after 26 years. Other businesspeople should make notes to learn how it’s done.

Fat Joe’s Wife’s Kids

Lorene keeps herself and her three kids with Fat Joe out of the limelight. She has had plenty of time to study the in and out off being a celebrity spouse thanks to her continued presence in the musician’s life, and she has almost polished the art.

Except for her relationship with Fat Joe, little is known about Her. 

Only one of the trio is genetically connected to Her, although she is contently parenting all three of his offspring. 

Despite this, she has been an excellent mother to all three of them, especially considering how long she has been a part of their lives.

Azariah is the youngest, Joey is the middle child, and Ryan is the oldest. She and her children have an excellent relationship and are frequently spotted spending time together.

Fat Joe Kids’ Names

Lola is a loving mother to three adorable children of Joseph Antonio, a girl, and two sons. She has two sons, Joey and Ryan Cartagena, and a daughter, Azariah Cartagena.

Name Meanings

Joey: The name Joey is of Hebrew origin and means “God will increase .”Most often used as a diminutive form of the name Joseph.

Ryan: Irish surname  Ryan has gained popularity as a primary name for both boys and girls. The words Ryan and an, which together indicate “small king,” are the origin of the name Ryan. 

Azariah: It is a girl’s name of Hebrew heritage, and the translation of Azaria is “helped by God .”It derives from the biblical male-given name Azariah.

Facts about Fat Joe Children

Joey Is Not The Biological Child Of Lorena

It may come as a surprise, but Milan is not the birth mother of her eldest child, Joey. Yes, he was a product of the rapper’s prior connection with a different lady. However, his true mother’s identity has remained a mystery. 

Joey does resemble mom in many ways, but it doesn’t appear that he is her stepson. The same as his mother, he exhibits human morals and manners.

Joey Has Autism

The eldest son of Lorena’s husband, Joey, was diagnosed with autism a few years back. This was revealed in a Facebook post by the father of three children. He also expressed his unwavering love for his son and praised him for bringing prosperity to the family.

Joey entered the rapper’s life when he was still a child. He found it difficult because he had never wanted children before. 

Additionally, Joey’s mother could not care for him due to his condition. His father and grandparents began raising him as a result.

She Has Only One Daughter

Joe and Lorena didn’t have a kid right away after being married in 1995. The couple gave birth to their first child, a daughter named Azariah Cartegena, eleven years later. 

She was conceived on May 12, 2006.

Final Words

It shouldn’t be a huge surprise that many celebrity marriages fail, given the demands and pleasures of being a star. 

Fortunately for Fat Joe, he and his wife, Lorena Cartagena, have been able to coexist peacefully for a very long time. 

There were rumors that Joe and Lorena, who are thought to have been married since 1995, were divorcing at one point, but those rumors turned out to be unfounded.