A lot of the people ask which of the following would not typically be included in the transfer of command briefing? So, in this respect, they must know what transfer of command generally is? Transfer of the command is the process of moving the incident responsibilities from one commanding person to another person.

Transfer of command may take place for many reasons that also include. When a certain agency is required to take command of the incident legally. Transfer of the command is necessary for effectiveness and efficiency.

It may take place when the agency or any department may come over to take command. The procedure for the transferring of command should be a face-to-face transfer, complete briefing with minimal disruption.

The transfer of command process includes the transfer of command briefing. Transfer of command briefing can be oral, written, or maybe a combination of both. The most important thing when the command is transferred is the announcement. Should be made that will be spread in the staff that the command is changed.

The reason for this announcement is to make clear to the staff that they are now supposed to work. According to the present command, not the previous one.

Transfer of Command Briefing Should include the Following Elements:

  • Situation Status
  • Current organization
  • Resource assignments\working of incident 
  • Resources which are ordered and how many are en route
  • Introduction of the command to the prominent and general staff
  • Incident facilities
  • Incident communication plans
  • Priorities and future objectives of the organization

Which of the Following would not Typically be included in the Transfer of Command Briefing?

For the question which of the following would not typically be included in the transfer of command briefing? The best possible answer would be “special requests from the agency representatives”.

To explain how this would not be included in the transfer of command briefing we first know the agency representatives. That is what are the duties and tasks they are supposed to do under a certain command. 

Agency Representatives are the persons appointed by the agency management to perform certain tasks in their field. Agency Representatives should report to the Liaison Officer about the details of the incident. In the absence of a Liaison Officer, the agency representatives must report to the Incident Commander.

In every field of work, every person or every staff member needs some perks to do the work of his specific field in a well-mannered way.

So, in this way, they do special requests to the person. Who is responsible for the check and balance of their work. In an incident, the agency representatives are those persons who are responsible for the in-time work. From the staff who are working in their “agency.” Because they are answerable for the work progress in front of the Liaison officer.

Which of the Following would not Typically be included in the Transfer of Command Briefing? Further Explanation:

So, the answer to the question lies in the fact that while there would be any transfer of the command. There should not be any briefing that the certain staff did special requests from the agency representatives.

Because it is a time waste thing that you are consuming your energy. In explaining and briefing about the special request of the staff from the agency representatives. 

This is not the matter to be discussed at the general level and this matter doesn’t have the worth of being briefed on. At that level when there are a lot of other important things to be briefed on and explained. Briefing of the incident situation, resources of work, and current organization. And the resources ordered and en route are the important things.

The special requests from the agency representatives should be discussed at the personal and small levels. Because when a command is changed these small matters. Making complications rather than the briefing would be clear and quite easy. To be digested in no time by the commander of the incident. 

Now, we can conclude from the above discussion that the thing that would not be included in the briefing on the transfer of command is the special requests from the agency representatives. This would be the most suitable answer to this question.