No matter how many weddings you have attended before or how many times you have been the groom’s best man, there is something special about your wedding day that can’t be put into words.

And as wonderful as it sounds, you must look good on your wedding day. It won’t hurt you to touch up your skin or to use make-up at your wedding to look your best.

Makeup is for everyone, whether you are a bride or a groom. It is no longer uncommon for grooms to look picture-perfect on their wedding day simply by getting some makeup done.

You can find services now that are not just for brides’ make-up, but also grooms’ make-up. Everything from pre-Wedding skincare to wedding day make-up can be found online now.

Why opt for the Best Facial for the Groom Before Wedding?

Often, grooms strive to get into perfect shape for the wedding day by hitting the gym, getting their hair and nails done, and forget about their skin. You should never ignore your skin when trying to unveil your best self. A pre-Wedding facial is one way to take care of your skin.

Despite following & maintaining a skincare routine, it is essential to have a facial before your Wedding. The product prepares the skin for the application of makeup, no matter how much or how little you use.

Ideally, you should begin a facial regimen six months before your Wedding.

Getting regular facials is essential for maintaining flawless skin, even if you’re fortunate enough to have good skin.

It leaves your skin looking fresher, healthier, and more supple, while also deeply cleansing and revitalizing it. It is even recommended by several estheticians to opt for the best facial for the groom before marriage.

Choosing the Right Groom Makeup using 10 Efficient Tips

With so many options available, choosing the right groom makeup can be quite intimidating. Let us help you with our 10 efficient tips for choosing the groom’s make-up, so don’t be tired.

●       Start with Skincare.

Your first step should be to stop washing your face with soap and towels. Instead, go for a detailed skincare routine to give your skin a fresh & healthy look.

●       Take care of your Hair & Nails.

Don’t forget to book your mani-pedi appointment as well, as those are also recommended. Get a hot-oil massage or a hair spa to care for your hair, this will help relieve your stress as well.

●       Go Professional.

There is no argument that it is best to speak with a professional. In most cases, makeup products can cause more damage than good if you’re not careful.

●       Run After What You need to know.

Your next step should be to do research and learn what is best for your skin and what you should select to benefit from it. It can sometimes be harmful to choose a product based on its popularity.

●       Use Sun Protection.

Don’t forget to put on sun protection cream before you go out to look for the best makeup artists or simply for your skin & hair care appointments.

UV rays can damage your skin and all your preparation will go to waste.

●       Don’t Forget Primer.

Prepare your skin with a primer based on the clear gel. In addition to giving your skin a smooth texture, it will act as a barrier between you and your make-up products.

●          Make a Good Foundation Choice.

Make sure you choose a foundation that is appropriate for your skin type and blends in with your skin color. Those with oily skin should choose a water-based foundation, while those with dry or normal skin should choose a cream-based foundation.

●       Concealer & Contouring.

Dark circles and pigmentation can be hidden with concealers. Ensure you choose the correct tone and type of foundation, and remember to apply it before your foundation.

You can choose to contour if you want to enhance your cheekbones or want to have a sharp look.

●       Hairstyling.

To achieve that clean, smart look every bride wishes for on her wedding day, it is essential to get your hair done. Discuss it with your makeup artist, figure out if it will look good with your makeup & dress, and voila! It’s time to go.

●       Finishing Touch.

With make-up & hair setting spray, your make-up will be flawless. The product keeps your make-up & hairstyle intact for a long time.

Choosing chemical-free products is an important tip to remember. While it may be hard to find these products, if you have the choice, going for natural products will be a better choice.

How to Book an Appointment using the Salon Booking App?

Waiting too long for your turn at a salon can be irritating & tiring as well. Imagine it happening on your wedding day, it sounds a lot like a nightmare. It is better to book an appointment beforehand, and using the salon booking app is the easiest way to do so.

Are you looking for a salon but don’t know where to go? You can now book an appointment at your favorite salon by simply following these steps:

●          Download the salon booking app and open it.

●          Register yourself using credentials such as email or phone number.

●          Select the services you want.

●          Go through the list of salons and choose the one which suits your needs.

●          Choose the salon that is most convenient for you and schedule an appointment.

In case of any queries, you may also contact the salon before booking an appointment.


Definitely, a wedding day is considered the most important day of everyone’s life. A day like this can’t afford to be just average. There is no harm in using a little make-up on your skin or for your appearance.

Furthermore, getting some makeup done on the day of the Wedding will make the groom look picture-perfect. Make sure you get a pre-wedding facial done before you start your wedding day make-up steps, as this is equally important.

Select the appropriate make-up depending on your skin color & texture. Finally, using the salon booking app, you can schedule an appointment at your favorite salon without waiting for last-minute appointments to call.