One of the best features of ChatGPT is that it installs plugins to make this tool more helpful. But the problem is it has more than 80 plugins to select from the store. It can be tricky to choose which one is best for your needs. At one time, you can only run three plugins, so you need to be picky.

We make it easy for you, we have tested the latest and most smart plugins on marketplaces and we made our list of hottest plugins. In our opinion, these are the best and most useful tools for developers. Following are the best plugins we have tested and chosen for you.

1. ChatWithGit

It is a very fresh addition to the ChatGPT plugins, which is considered one of the best in plugins rank. It works as a bridge to the expansive GitHub repository. With the help of ChatWithGit, you can utilize the power of ChatGPt to navigate GitHub and find the code that fulfills your programming needs. This plugin is a basic coding companion that will help you streamline the code process discovery and utilize the information of the GitHub Community.HTTP Webhooks

This plugin is about automation and integration.  It gives ChatGPT authority to communicate and collaboration with external services and systems. Programmers can develop a dynamic bridge between ChatGPT and other applications by using HTTP requests. It helps you as a virtual assistant who can trigger automation workflows.

2. AutoInfra1

AutoInfra1 helps you advance how infrastructure is managed and provisioned. This plugin will help you as an infrastructure administrator. It manages all the critical components of an application that help in smooth running. It allows developers to focus on development instead of infrastructure management.

3. Voice Control for ChatGPT

Get into a conversation that is truly effective. This Voice Control for ChatGPT makes communication with ChatGPT very easy. This plugin is beyond texts, you can join the conversation with the ability of your voice. Just speak your thoughts instead of typing them. Moreover, your responses are not silent now. You can not only read them but can also listen to them. This voice assistant also speaks your responses. This plugin contains multiple languages so that there are no more language obstacles.

4. Notable

This plugin is your secret friend for data computation. With this plugin, you can generate and tinker with notebooks in Python, SQL and Markdown. All processes take place within a ChatGPT comfortable zone. It feels like having a playground for your content, data and thoughts.

The Top ChatGPT Plugins For Developers

How can developers benefit from ChatGPT plugins?

The plugins available in the ChatGPT store open remarkable options for the developers. These plugins offer great benefits that boost productivity and can save a lot of time.

These plugins give access to very advanced AI options and capabilities that programmers integrate into their software. Plugins allow developers to add more features, like content analysis, language translation, coding, and many more, without working hard from scratch.

By utilizing these AI plugins and tools, programmers can save a valuable amount of time and effort. Complex and complicated tasks like code generation and language translation can be automated with AI, that will accelerate the process.

Many ChatGPT Plugins can be applied across a variety of industries and domains. For instance, sentiment analysis can be used for understanding customer feedback in e-commerce, social media, and more.

Plenty of ChatGPT plugins can be applied across various fields and domains. For example, sentimental analysis can be used for client feedback in social media, e-commerce and more.


ChatGPT future is brighter, with research and development expanding the potential applications for daily use. With the advancement of AI, we can expect more smart and productive tools that are tailored to our needs. These personalized tools offer customization and amazing services to enhance our productivity.

As programmers research the variety of these plugins, they unlock a new era of endless opportunities. These plugins will help in all domains, whether we can use them for conversational purposes for chatbots or creating easy forms, live news, or translating languages.