In this advanced digital era where AI is taking control over digital media. A programmer can take the help of AI to generate useful codes for programming. As we know almost every programmer has used AI for coding at least once in their life. 

Sometimes ChatGPT vs Bard AI becomes really helpful for us and it also saves a lot of our time. We know that AI can generate our desirable codes but knowing which AI is best for coding is crucial.

We will discuss which tool can perform better for coding when we talk about ChatGPT vs Bard.

The Main Difference

It is a fact that both ChatGPT and Bard both use computing knowledge to generate codes, they have a lot in common. These both are large language programs that generate human written texts. 

Here are the key differences between:

  • ChatGPT has both free and paid options but Bard is completely free till now.
  • Both tools have large databases. Bard has access to Google search which makes it outstanding while ChatGPT provides data before 2022.
  • Both support image input but Bard offers a free option and the ChatGPT image input option is available for a paid version.
  • ChatGPT has a very high standard for generating and analyzing content which makes it a great writer. Bard has a great ability to research which makes this AI tool a better researcher.

Which is better?

If you want to get up-to-date information for free then Bard is the best option. It uses Google search to answer your queries and provide the latest information. So we can rely on Bard.

On the other hand, the ChatGPT free version only offers information before 2022. Its paid version may have the latest information in its database.

Selecting the best one for coding

Lets select it practically, we will paste same prompt in ChatGPT and Bard. After outputs, we will observe the coding and decide which one ie best for us.


Prompt: “Write a function in python that returns a list of 120 prime numbers.”


ChatGPT vs Bard

Looks good, but does it really work? Chatbots can often generate codes that don’t run well. A code that entirely written AI without any human oversight would be bad to use.


ChatGPT vs Bard

This is the results on the same prompt by ChatGPT,  This code generates a function and gives a list of all prime numbers up to n.

Both tools produce functional results. The example provided by ChatGPt is far better than Bard, it’s cleaner and has short codes. Also it results our prompt correctly. So, chatbots vary in their dependencies and the language models they are using. In conclusion, in coding, ChatGPT performs really well and it could be the best choice for programmers.

Final Words

In summary, chatbots have their unique qualities and language preferences. Which tool suits you best totally depends on what you want to get from a chatbot.

For a conversational tone and up to date information Bard is really a great option. It uses Google search features to provide latest and relevant information.

On the other hand, ChatGPT is a great tool for creative writing, generating valuable content and for coding. Programmers often use ChatGPT because it provides better responses than Bard.