Well, going to Puerto Rico is the perfect getaway anyone can ask for. And, you might be thinking right now that do you need a passport to go to Puerto Rico. Well, not a lot of people know that this place does not require passports from U.S. citizens. It is one of the best places in the state that requires no visa or passport from its people. You can travel there anytime you want. It is more like an attractive bait so a lot of people can travel without worrying about their visa requirements. 

The place has a reputation for being on the list of free destinations in the United States. It is more like a flight to Hawaii as you do not require a lot of documents to show at the island. You just need your ID card or some pictures. You can also keep your driving license with you to show you are a US citizen. 

Do You Need a Passport To Go to Puerto Rico From the US?

Do You Need a Passport to go to Puerto Rico

Yes, as we told above US citizens do not require any documents at all. They can move freely here and travel whenever they like. There are no restrictions at all for them and they can enjoy the destinations of this place at a lesser cost. Puerto Rico is a budget-friendly travel destination for the US people and it is one of the reasons why this place is trending. 

What if You Are Not a US Citizen?

If you do not hold the green card of the legal permanent resident of the United States, you need to bring extra documents with you. But would that include the Puerto Rico passport? No, the best part about this place is that even if you are on immigration, you can still visit this place. It is a dream destination for many people as you will find the best beaches in Puerto Rico. There are some rules if you are going there for the first time as a traveler. Like no alcohol drinking in the public, wearing masks all the time, and following the curfew. 

Do I Need Passport To Go to Puerto Rico as an International Traveler:

Yes, as an international traveler coming from around the world, you do need to carry a valid passport. You cannot enter the territory of the US without having your essential documents like passport, approved Visa, and national identity card. For some places, there are other documents as well which your travel company can guide you. Or, if you are traveling all by yourself, you can take more information from the VISA offices. 

What if You Are Traveling From or to San Juan, Puerto Rico?

Puerto Rico is one of the best places that you should be traveling to right now. But, there are some things that a traveler should know before going there. Like we know some of the requirements above that is for the US and non-US citizens. However, in the case of traveling to/from San Juan you need a passport. Either you are a citizen or not from the state. The reason is that you are going through the ship and traveling in international waters require your documents. The benefit that the US people can get is that they don’t have to go through any customs. 

These FAQs above might have cleared your queries regarding do you need a passport to go to Puerto Rico from the United States. 

What Is the Pandemic Situation in Puerto Rico?

Like any other famous destination around the world, Puerto Rico also became a part of the pandemic. But, they were successful in controlling its spread and keeping it at bay. They closed the entry on the island so no one gets the virus. Mask has been mandatory ever since for people since the pandemic hit the world. There also have been some very strict guidelines, curfews, and rules to ensure the control of spread. Now, people are getting vaccinated around the world and so does the people living on the island. 

Now, you might not passport or other official documents to travel to Puerto Rico as a US citizen. You need to keep these things with you like your CDC vaccination card. If you are traveling without vaccination then you might have to pay a $300 fine or get a test done on the island. Travelers also need to submit a test result done 72 hours before which should say it’s negative. If you are arriving without a test, you have to pay charges of $110 for the test. It will be done at the Luis Munoz Marin International Airport on your arrival. You also have to go through the quarantine time. 

Reaching the island means following every pandemic protocol like social distance, mask, not drinking alcohol, and respecting the curfew rules.