Following all the canons of proper nutrition, you have to adhere to special rules for each meal. If everything is more or less clear with breakfast and lunch, then dinner, for some reason, is often questionable. Let’s figure out what you need to eat in the evening! A healthy steak dinner is one of the most important parts of a healthy Christmas dinner or meal for any other occasion.

The answer is very simple. This is not a vegetable salad, not an apple, and not even kefir. Observing proper nutrition for dinner you need to eat … proteins! And in what form they will be – not so important. The fact is that by the end of the day we no longer need energy from carbohydrates, because we simply will not have time to work it out, and it will certainly be put into reserve.

Even if there is a cafeteria or cafe near your place of work, you should not eat there regularly. Firstly, very often, even in a vegetable salad or fish dish, too much oil is added or, even worse, mayonnaise sauce. Second, you will always depend on what is available instead of being guaranteed to only eat a healthy protein dinner. And thirdly, it is not very profitable.

If it is not customary in your office to bring homemade food with you (I know it happens), become a trendsetter! Show your colleagues the right example, and believe me, they will start repeating after you.

It is for this reason that a vegetable salad dinner can only be called relatively correct. Yes, it is low in calories, yes it is easy, but! Vegetables are carbohydrates, albeit slow ones, with much-needed fiber. It’s a great lunch, but alas, not dinner. Of course, a salad for dinner is not a bad idea. But it must have a protein component, and best of all, the main one. It is also wrong to eat an apple for dinner, even if it is so “green and healthy”.

Proteins! Here’s a building block for your muscles and a must-have for maintaining or losing weight!

So, here are some examples of what your healthy steak dinner or a minimal healthy Christmas dinner could be.

20 options for Healthy Protein Dinner

  1. A regular omelet made from a mixture of egg whites and milk, a few fresh tomatoes, or a handful of any frozen vegetables, for example, green beans
  2. Grilled chicken fillet, pre-marinated in lemon juice with spices, with a salad of any vegetables.
  3. A salmon, or any other steamed fish, garnished with vegetables
  4. Rabbit meat baked in foil in the oven, with tomato salad
  5. Boiled brown rice with seafood and vegetables
  6. Light soup with chicken, fish broth, seafood. Do not combine potatoes, meat, and cereals in a light soup intended for dinner
  7. Chicken fillet baked with spices in foil
  8. 150 g cottage cheese with cinnamon
  9. 150 g cottage cheese with herbs and garlic
  10. Fish or chicken cutlets baked in the oven
  11. Cottage cheese omelet from 2 proteins and 100 g of cottage cheese. You can add green beans, herbs, and spices
  12. Salad of vegetables and tuna in its juice
  13. Boiled Pollock and boiled beans for garnish
  14. Chili from lean ground beef and red beans
  15. Braised veal with vegetable sauce
  16. Turkey fillet baked in foil and garnish of fresh herbs and cucumber
  17. Salad from a mixture of lettuce and mozzarella cheese
  18. Salad with chicken breast and celery
  19. Seabass, baked on a vegetable pillow
  20. Chicken skewers in ginger-lemon marinade

As you can see, everything is not sad at all, but very varied and satisfying! Bon appetite and healthy dinner!