“My home is my place

My abode is where my soul

I décor it with my heart

I adorn it with my mind

For it makes me feel glad

And so, everyone can clap!”

These are the beautiful words from the core of everyone’s heart that is living a peaceful life. Do you know what is more satisfying for a soul? Especially for a woman, it is the exciting part of her life to embellish her lodge with her own hands, and what makes it valuable in real meanings is the appreciation by the family and friends.

In this cruel world of dearness, one only tries to get that essential peak of the living standard by spending less. So, why not you try your skills? Such ornamentation is the most satisfying hobby one can adopt during times of social distancing or forge a deep connection with his abode.

 However, these ideas are not only pleasing but are very useful to deal with space in your room or to organize your stuff, or to revive your old furnishing. If you are looking for some ingenious ways to adorn their home sweet home, here are some exciting and fun-giving home decor for you.


Impactful DIYs for your Living Rooms and Bedrooms

a) Reupholster Your Chair Seat, Sofas or Closet Doors

Well, this is one of the easiest and impactful ideas to revive your room or to make it first-hand. It will help if you buy or gather some inexpensive equipment from your place like a staple gun, a new piece of foam, or an upholstery fabric, a pair of scissors, and a screwdriver.

Remove the back covers, place some foam if you need, and add staple new solid cotton or some unusual patterned fabric to give it an edge. You can employ plush fabrics to give your room a chic look.

b)Upgrade your Room with Some Eye-Catching Draperies

Nowadays, many types of curtains are available in the markets, both ready-made and cloth to sew them by your choice. However, if you don’t have any sewing machine, you can use double-stick fabric tape to make some portieres.


You may adorn your room by hanging eyelet curtains, pencil pleated curtains, pinch pleated, goblet pleated. Though varieties are ample, the choice is yours.

You can opt for plain fabric or a pop-up pattern, maybe some large floral or leafy pattern to appreciate spring or tropical beautification.

c)Make your DIY Articles and Decoration Pieces

Your creativity can add exquisiteness to every corner of your home. You can use different materials like wood, log, paper, plastic, glass, and stones. If you are going to adorn your walls, you can make wall hangings, turn your walls into a gallery, and can place ornamented mirrors.
You can also use your living room wall for storage and can fix shelves to organize your decoration pieces or accessories like sunglasses, hats, caps, and electronic devices. Recycling is the most exciting part whereby you can use old glass or plastic bottles and can sow some succulent, ornamental, and flowering plants to revitalize your parapets.

Home decor DIY for your Kitchen and Dining Room 


a)Beautifully Hide your Old Kitchen Appliances

For instance, you own a microwave oven that is fitted in your kitchen. And you don’t want to sell it, then don’t even get pell-mell. Hide that ugly part with the help of a paper, Or vinyl wallpaper available in the market at a shallow price.

b)  Make a DIY Storage Piece for organizing your Spices and Herbs

You can use extra or old easily foldable hangers, renew them by painting or spraying. And mold them to a storage piece. You can also hang that spice store in your cupboard or place it on the countertop. You can also make shelves for the cute storage of small crockery.

c)Make a Resin Table for your Dining Room

So, what’s the new trend is? Use resin, a hardener, and some scratch wood, pencils, and small toys to beautify the art. Firstly, make a plain board, add resin on the top, add any colorful object to make abstract art or scenery. Let it dry, sandpaper it, and polish it to shine.

The Most Amazing Home Decor near me is ready for admiration.