LOSE YOUR AIRPODS? How to find AirPods? There have been many times. The moment you pull your AirPods from your pocket to find your wallet, then the following minute, you’re back at home, with the AirPods aren’t to be located. Where did they go? Did someone discover them and then grab them?

The thought of it all goes through your head, and the chances are that there wasn’t a name tag on the spot, and you’re out of luck and may need to shell out another $159 to buy a brand new pair. However, with that same fantastic technology that we rely on, you’ll be able to locate the lost AirPods quickly.

EASY STEps- How to Find AirPods Using the ‘Find My’ App

  • Find me feature

The easiest way of discovering your AirPods is using the ‘Find Me feature

Select the AirPod from the selection.

The location will be highlighted with a dot on the Map if the spot is found. You can also visit iCloud.com. If you have AirPods 1 and 2, the app ‘Find My’ is only available if the earbuds remain connected to your device but not in their case.

How to find my air pods by Play a Sound 

Search how to find AirPods near your current location? It is common for things to be not visible, and you might easily spot them if they could make a loud noise. This is, thankfully, possible with Play Sound.

Play the Sound option in the Find My app or on the iCloud website. After activating this feature function, it’ll play a gradual increase in volume for 2 minutes, which gives you enough time to locate exactly where you have placed your AirPods.

How to Find your AirPods That Are Offline

If you try to find AirPods, and you try to locate your AirPods on the world map. You could sometimes be able to see “”Offline,” It means: They’re out of their assortment. They’ve run out of runs.

In addition, sound playback can be played even when they’re in the case of the models mentioned above. However, only on iOS 15.0.1 or higher. But, playing sounds cannot be done when the AirPods are not connected.

How to Find AirPods Case

Unfortunately, AirPods cases cannot be tracked the same way that Apple gadgets are. AirPod cases were not designed to have sensors that allow Apple to track their position.

The best method to determine the case is whether the AirPods are still inside it. If you possess three-generation, you’ll be bright to find those AirPods with wide-ranging. when they are inside the case.

In addition, you can attach a tracker in your AirPods case to prevent problems getting them back later on. Finally, use a storage case that has an attached keychain carabiner to your bag or belt to avoid losing the case.

Tips of how to find lost air pods When They Get Lost

Set up the “Find My” App: Locating your AirPods will be much more straightforward soon if you have the ‘Find Me option on before getting lost in the process.

Make use of Air Tags another option is to utilize a tracking device such as Apple Air Tag. Apple Air Tag that you can connect to your purse or your phone to track these items in case they get lost.

Make sure you update your iOS frequently to enjoy enhanced functions and services. This way, you’ll be able to utilize Find My on an Apple device or any other computer to locate the missing AirPods in the Map and enable notifications and play sound.

If just one of your AirPods is missing the sound options and the Map remains viable, You need to decide which one to silence, Left or Right, to ensure that it only plays the chirping that you want to hear.

Utilize accessories there are also options to consider taking extra precautions and purchase accessories like key chains for carabiners, or you can replace your earbuds by using silicone hooks that are wrapped over your ears.

How to Add AirPods to find my iPhone

There’s an option on iPhone to assist us in locating the device if we lose it, which is called Find My iPhone. Unfortunately, it’s not working with your AirPods; however, it’s not it’s impossible to make the feature function. In addition, you do not need to follow additional steps to connect your AirPods.

Keep Track of Your Stuff (how to find air pods)

The most effective way to do this is to ensure that you take reasonable charge of the AirPods. Find I am a fantastic backup solution, provided that you can establish it before the unfortunate incident. Then, if your AirPods become disconnected, you’ll know where you should start exploring.