A car diagnostic services business is one of the most profitable businesses you can start today. One study estimated the global industry to be worth $30.22 billion in 2021. This figure is expected to rise further in the coming years.  

There are about 276 million vehicles in the US today, which means you’ll have plenty of customers if you play your cards right. It takes a passion for mechanics and an entrepreneurial mindset to succeed in this industry. Here’s how to start a thriving car diagnostic services business.

1. Learn About the Industry

Expert advice from industry veterans can give you valuable insights and paint a bigger picture of what you’re about to get into. Before launching your diagnostic services business, reach out to industry experts to get in-depth information on how processes work. But be mindful of who you consult.

Don’t expect your competitor to advise you about the industry. They may not be willing to share their wisdom with you. Reach out to those who practice in other states and ask them for advice. Most people will gladly share their knowledge if doing so doesn’t hurt their business.  

2. Carry Out Market Research

Carrying out market research is essential before launching a business. You have a better understanding of the market structure and minimize your chances of failure. You’ll know how consumers think and what they want and competitor tricks. This will help you devise winning solutions. Here are some important questions to ask when conducting market research.

Once you answer all these questions, use them to build a better business. Also, add them to your marketing plan–in the editorial section.

3. Secure Funding

To start a car diagnostic services business, you need a large amount of money. According to statistics, it costs about $37,500 to start a car repair shop that’s fully equipped. This money also caters to marketing, insurance, and accounting. The good news is there are many funding options, including auto repair business loans.

Estimate how much money you’re willing to invest in the business before approaching any funding institution. You can also get a partner and share the startup costs. If you’re short of money, consider getting auto title loans. If both of you have equity in your vehicles, you can get more money.

4. Pick the Right Location

The location of your car diagnostic services shop will play an important role in determining the number of clients you receive daily. Choose a place with high vehicle traffic. It may be in the city, in an industrial estate, or along a motor highway.

Avoid isolated locations if you can. People will be reluctant to drive many miles for car repair services—even if you offer amazing services. Many auto repair shops have repeat customers. Choose a spot with high car traffic but no repair shop. It’ll be easy to grow a customer base quickly if you offer excellent services.