The fact that iMovie is only available for Mac OS users makes it impossible for Windows users to access an app of this caliber. Therefore, we’ve come up with a solution for these consumers, and here are the top options of iMovie alternative for windows you can try.

Let’s have a look!

LightWorks: Our Top iMovie Alternative 

Lightworks is an iMovie alternative for Windows; ideal for lossless clip cutting and processing. It is one of the most successful and top-quality editors in the market. Although the interface appears to be a little complex, it will provide you with the best results and a decent choice for spinning, cropping, and cutting the videos.


This tool is specifically designed for higher performance, so slow uploading and processing your rendered video is no longer a thing.

The program runs seamlessly on all operating systems, including Mac, Linux, and Windows.

It has over 100 practical and real-time in-built enhancements plugins to help you improve your video.


This application is still in the early stages of development and is still available in an experimental version, but it works well and seems successful. Olive is one of the finest iMovie alternative for Windows especially for windows 10 and a Linux-compatible open-source substitute for iMovie.


Olive is better in many respects than the other video editing applications on this list: it is built on shortcuts, has an absolute minimum of effects and transformations, and has a smooth and concise interface that offers you an iMovie tutorial on how to add music to iMovie

Any of the processes, such as downsizing, rotating, and relocating files, can be done right in the demo window, which is a handy function for the split-screen and picture-in-picture features. A built-in recording device, audio noise reaction, and a basic title generator are also included.

Remember that Olive is already a work in progress, but more functionality will be added in the future. But, even then, it’s a good option for anyone who wants to effortlessly combine a few friend’s and loved ones’ videos, add music and subtitles.

Corel VideoStudio 

Corel VideoStudio is a video editing program that runs on Windows. This is one of the top video editing programs for adding audio to your images to make them more appealing. The explanation for this is that there’s a free unlimited music library operated you can access, making it easier for you to include your favorite songs in the clips.


Stop Motion Graphics, stylish transitions, split screens, screen transparency. iMovie tutorial on how to add music to iMovie, and others are some of the things that innovative minds can use to make something extraordinary. And, of course, you can also add captions to the videos.


It is another open-source platform for editing videos, intended for basic video editing, slicing, and encoding activities. Avidemux is available for macOS, Windows, Linux, and other devices. In addition, it supports a wide range of video formats.


The interface is user-friendly, but if you’re new to video processing, you could find the lack of a timeline of several tracks frustrating. On the other hand, Avidemux’s standout feature is its extensive export solutions. Which give you complete control of how video is encrypted & how to export iMovie.

Wrapping Up 

We’ve reached the end of our discussion and would like to point out that. While iMovie is the most common, several other related resources can serve as iMovie substitutes for Windows PC

In terms of various functionalities, we’ve listed some practical applications. You should review it thoroughly and choose one that best suits your requirements. We hope you liked this article and found at least one helpful method.