José Trinidad Marín was like other normal people. José Trinidad Marín was born on 15 February 1964 in the country of the United States. The Zodiac sign José Trinidad Marín is Aquarius. He comes from a mixed heritage and a Christian household. The real name of Trino Marin is Jose Trinidad Marin and his Nickname is Trino. He rose to fame when he got married to Jenni Rivera. She was a singer, actor, and songwriter. Spokesman, television producer, and entrepreneur. They got married in 1984. 

There is a little more information about Jose. He is of Mexican origin and has an American-Mexican passport. He was raised mostly in Mexican by his parents before relocating to the United States. 

This couple got married in the year 1984. At the time of the marriage, Trino Marin Joven was 20 years old and Jenni Rivera was only 15 years old. She was already expecting their 1st child at the time of their marriage. 

Jose Marin Relationship

Jose Marin relationship

As we all know that everyone has some expectations, especially when you get married to your loved ones. Same in their case; Jenni has a lot of expectations from Trino. Their first kid was born in 1985. They named him Chiquis. After some time in the year 1989, their second child was born named Jacqueline. Their 3rd child, named Michael, was born in the year 1991. 

After all, they were parents to 3 kids. But unfortunately, their married life was filled with lots of difficulties and continual abuse. So they finally ripped apart their lives and decided to move on in their lives. Jenni Rivera’s ex-husband physically assaulted her and also did mental abuse them. He sexually abused her daughter and her sister, and that was unexpected. The primary reason for their divorce was also mental and physical abuse. 

After their divorce, the younger sister of Jenni Rivera who is named Rosie admitted that she was sexually molested in 1997 by Jenni Rivera’s husband Trino Marin. After that, he did the same with his daughter Chiquis. A sudden news item was revealed after a medical test that he had also done this with Jacqueline. In 1997, the molestation complaint was filed and Trino-Marin ran away for 9 years.  

He was caught, in April 2006. He was convicted of sexual assault and rape. And then he was sentenced to more than 31 years in jail without the possibility of release. Trino Marin is now passing his time in prison for such offenses of crimes. In the same year, his ex-wife married Juan Lopez for the second time.

The career of Trino Marin

In the incipient phase of his romance with Jenni, Trino did many jobs. He started to earn a handsome amount when he was hired as a manager in a restaurant. He suggested her wife, Jenni Rivera, stay at home instead of going to college and continuing her studies. It was for the reason of taking care of their children and family better. Somehow Rivera understood it without arguing with him and the condition escalated into physical abuse. After a divorce from Jenni, Jose Trinidad Marin started his new life in Riverside Country.  

The net worth of Trino Marin 

The main income source for Trino Marin is his business career. According to an estimate, he is worth 600k-800k USD.

Jose Trinidad Marin and Jenni Rivera divorced in 1992

After years and years of mental abuse and mental torcher, Jenni Rivera decided to quit this relationship. She filed for divorce in the year of 1990 and their divorce was finalized in the year of 1992. The custody of the three children, Chiquis, Jackie, and Michael, were handed to their mother (Jenni Rivera). Mental and physical abuse was the reason for Jenni, oppressed her to file for divorce. She was unsuccessful in finding out about her ex-husband’s pre-sexual abuse scandal until many years after the divorce in 1997. 

Trino’s molestation of his daughter and sister-in-law

Jenni Rivera and her daughters were badly harmed due to Jenni Rivera’s ex-husband known as Jose Trinidad Marin. That’s the reason her ex-husband continued to be sentenced to prison. As we all know that Queen of music Jenni Rivera had a long and beautiful journey in her musical career. The personal life of this huge body was a bit different and also difficult. She continually suffers from lots of personal life issues and has several partners in the process. 

However, one of the most hurting moments in the singer’s life occurred. When she got to know that her love, her ex-husband, who was 43 years old, Trino Marin, had sexually abused his own two kids Chiquis and Jackie, as well as Rosie Rivera, who was her sister-in-law. They both were little girls when they were molested by Jose. In 1992, the late Jenni Marin got to know about her ex-husband Who is known as Trino Marin had mistreated his daughters. 

The Queen of Music took the step to seek justice, and then she filed a case in court against her ex-husband, Trino Marin, after learning of his awful fact. The court finally managed to give him a punishment of 31 years. 

Jose Trinidad Marin ran away after the case was filled in the year 2006. Jenni Rivera discloses the whole situation in front of the media and television because the authorities were unable to find him. So, she explained everything that has happened to her and her daughters. After this, a retired FBI agent assisted Jenni and her family in catching him. They caught him after 9 years. 

Death of Jenni Rivera 

The ex-wife of Trino Marin’s, Jenni Rivera died in an air accident. On December 9, 2021, she got on Learjet 25 in the early hours with other passengers. To perform at Monterrey Arena, she arrived at night in town. After that, she and four members of staff, of which two were pilots, flew from Monterrey Airport to Toluca. They were going to attend a press conference after the show. Their plane was lost in the air snd after that news broke that their plane was crashed and they all died. 

7 Facts on Jose Trinidad

1. Nickname of Jenni Rivera’s first husband was Trino Marin.

2. Ex-husband of late singer Jenni Rivera, known as Jose Trinidad, is now 56 years of age. He was born in the year 1964. He is known to celebrate and his birthday is on the 15th of February.

3. When we talk about his married life, Jose Trinidad Marin was married to singer Jenni Rivera. For the first time, this couple met in high school and then got married in 1984. However, they went their separate ways in 1992.

4. Talking about his family, there are no details of Trinidad’s parents that are known. However, he has a brother but, his name is not revealed.

5. Jose is currently in prison in the case of rape and sexual assault.

6. He was sentenced to 31 years in jail with no parole in 2007.

7. His younger daughter met with her father in the year 2017. She posted a picture on social media and appealed to forgive his father, Jose Trinidad Marin, and give him one more chance.