No one can ever forget the name Jose Trinidad Marin Young. The man was famous for being the husband of the late singer Jenni Rivera, and he was also the perpetrator of one of the worst and most heinous sexual abuse scandals in history. 

Decades have passed since the trial’s events. Many of the late singer’s fans are interested in finding out if Jose is still alive and imprisoned. Jose molested his own daughters and his sister-in-law sexually for a number of years while still dating Jenni

Finally receiving the punishment that Jenni Rivera’s ex-husband deserved, the vulgar man was sentenced to 31 years in jail. A lot of you aren’t familiar with Jose’s early years, so read all about Trino Marin Familia de Jose Trinidad Marin and Jenni Rivera’s first husband. 

Jose Trinidad Marín Biography

Jose Trinidad Marin Young goes by the name Trino Marin. He was born in California, USA, on February 15, 1964. By his real name, Trino is highly known. Jose also has a blended heritage and hails from a Christian family. Prior to his marriage to Jenni Rivera, Jose 

Jose Trinidad Marin was mostly unknown to the general public. Because of her talent for acting, songwriting, and singing, Jenni is well-known in the media. After becoming together, the pair decided to live separate lives. Jenni Rivera and Jose Trinidad initially met while she was just a teenager in high school.

Jose is essentially a Mexican citizen with a dual Mexican-American passport. Prior to moving permanently to the US, Trino’s parents raised him in Mexico. He moved to America at an unspecified time in the future.

Trino Marin Early Life

There isn’t much information on Trinidad’s parents or other members of his family. José Trinidad Marín Young does, however, have a sibling, albeit we don’t yet know who he is. While still in high school, Jenni was his first love.

After he wed American singer-songwriter, Jenni Rivera, Jose first gained public attention. There isn’t a lot of information available about Jose because the couple kept their marriage life private during the early stages of their relationship.

She became pregnant with Janney “Chiquis,” the first of her five children, at the age of barely 15 in 1985, when she was still in high school. Jose’s actual cruelty to his wife, Jenni, caused their marriage to end. Marn abused both his children and his ex-sister-in-law.

In addition, Jose is of Mexican descent and is a dual citizen of the United States and Mexico. Before relocating to the United States, his parents raised him mostly in Mexico.

When he relocated to the United States is unknown. Having said that, we may infer that he was still rather young when he moved in light of the fact that he met his wife while still a high school student.

Trino Marin Professional Life

Jose was unemployed when he and Jenni began dating. As a means of sustaining his relationship with Rivera, Marin worked numerous odd jobs. José Trinidad Marín Young began making a respectable living when he was hired at the age of 22 as an administrative manager at an American-Mexican café.

Trino counseled his wife to continue her studies rather than remain at home. On the other side, Rivera made the choice to prioritize her family and her home since she was comfortable. This brief exchange soon developed into a significant disagreement. 

Some sources say that Trino Marin held a managerial position in a Mexican-American coffee shop before getting married to Jenni Rivera. Jose Trinidad Marin Young solely had his professional career as a source of money. 

Dispute in Trino Marin familia de Jose Trinidad Marin

In addition to his status as a celebrity’s spouse, Jose transgressed with Jenni’s younger sister. The younger Rivera sister admitted to Jose Marin’s abuse and assault in 1997. Jenni’s sister said in a statement that he not only tormented his own older daughter Chiquis but also sexually assaulted Jenni. 

It was evident following the report of the physical examination that Trino had abused his own daughters, Jaqueline and Chiquis. After this assault case was made public, Jose Marin received a 9-year prison term. 

After that, in April 2006, José Trinidad Marín Young was sentenced to 31 years in prison for the attack and rape that had been established to have occurred. Additionally, he was accused of abusing his wife Jenni. The singer and Trino divorced. Do you want to know more about Trino marín second wife? Read it ahead.        

Trino Marin’s Second Wife

Jenni Rivera is Trino Marin’s second wife. The most well-known things about Jenni Rivera are her hit Spanish-language albums and the reality TV shows she has produced that include her family. 

Jenni Rivera, a Mexican-American singer, rose to fame with records like La Diva En Vivo. 15 of Rivera’s records have achieved gold, platinum, or double platinum status. This singer then rose to fame as a reality-TV personality, entrepreneur, and campaigner. Tragically, on December 9, 2012, she was 43 when she perished in a plane crash.

Childhood for Rivera wasn’t simple. Her parents kicked her out of their home when she became pregnant at the age of 15 with Trino Marin. In 1984, she wed Marin, and they had two more kids. Their union was not pleasant since Trino Marin’s jail was a major heartbreak. 

She nevertheless managed to finish high school and college while pursuing a business degree. Her turbulent marriage, however, resulted in depression and two attempted suicides. In the end, Rivera divorced her husband, made amends with her parents, and began working for her father’s record company, Cintas Acuario. 

Facts on Jenni Rivera First Husband

Jose Trinidad Marin is Jenni Rivera’s first husband. Some unpopular facts people always look for are listed:

  • Jose Trinidad is known as Trino Marin. The ex-husband of Jenni Rivera, Jose Trinidad, was born in 1964 and is currently 56 years old.
  • He is said to celebrate his birthday on February 15. Regarding his spouse, José Trinidad Marín Young was wed to singer Jenni Rivera.
  • They first crossed paths in high school, and they got hitched the following year, in 1984. However, they did split up in 1992.
  • At present, Jose Trinidad shares three children with his ex-wife Jenni.
  • He is the father of a boy and two girls. His oldest daughter is Chiquis Rivera, and his youngest is Jacqie Campos.
  • His child’s name is Michael Marin. After being determined to have committed rape and sexual assault, Jose is currently behind bars. Due to Jose’s emotional abuse of her, Jenni ended their marriage.
  • His daughters Chiquis Rivera and Jacquie Campos, as well as Jenni’s sister Rosie, are all accused of being assaulted by Trinidad. Trino received a 31-year prison term without the possibility of parole in 2007.
  • Jose and his younger daughter Jacquie met in 2017.
  • Jacquie pleaded with people to be kind to him and give him another chance by posting pictures of herself and her father.
  • Nothing is known about Trinidad’s parents or other family members. However, he does have a sibling, whose name has not yet been revealed.

Trino Marin Jail and Criminal Case 

José Trinidad Marín Young was finally caught after a protracted investigation for the awful conduct he committed. He raped his two children in addition to abusing Rosie, his ex-sister-in-law, and his wife. His sister-in-law confessed to his horrible crime in 1997 after coming forward.

As soon as Jenni was informed of the terrible news she had just received, she immediately launched a lawsuit against her ex-husband. After his complaint was filed and he was summoned to court, he ran away and was declared a fugitive. To begin a new life, he got a new name and moved to Riverside County.

José Trinidad Marín Young tried to hide his identity, but he was caught in April 2006 and accused of a crime. In addition, the court case went on for a full year until Trino was convicted guilty of sexual assault and given a prison term. He received a 31-year prison term that must be served consecutively.

The court also ordered three cases of oral sexual contact with minors, one case of sexual abuse, one offense of repeated sexual abuse, and nine counts of serious felony sexual conduct. On the day of his trial, his oldest child, Chris, who he sexually assaulted for four years, has shown her love for and forgiveness for her father.

Frequently Asked Questions

Jose Trinidad Marin Young was found guilty of sexual molestation and is now jailed. He was convicted guilty of abusing his sister-in-law and daughter and received a 31-year prison sentence.
Press-Telegram reports that Jenni Rivera's ex-husband was given a 31-year prison term after being determined to have molested his sister-in-law and daughter. Trino was found guilty of sexual molestation and is now jailed.
Jenni Rivera is Trino Marin’s second wife.
After Trino assaults Jenni once more in episode 21, she made him put under arrest.
José Trinidad Marín Young married Jenni Rivera, but later they got separated. He is the father of a boy and two girls. His oldest daughter is Chiquis Rivera, and his youngest is Jacqie Campos.