With his skill and hard work, Park Seo Joon has ruled the world of drama. He recently appeared in the blockbuster drama Itaewon Class, but this actor has long been a darling in this kind of drama.

Perhaps you, too, have been captivated by Seo Joon’s acting abilities, who, at 31 years old, has already filmed a total of 12 plays with amazing performers.

If you like Park Seo Joon, continue reading this article to know about his life and skills that will help you get to know him better.

Initial appearance in a music video rather than a film

Yes, ‘The Perfect Game’ was Park Seo Joon’s debut film. However, this was not his first appearance in public. He first appeared on television in a music video for Bang Yong Guk’s song by the name “I Remember” in 2011. Park Seo Joon, despite being considerably skinnier and younger, maintained his allure (particularly with those piercing eyes) from the outset.

Can Speak Spanish 

In the reality program Youn’s Kitchen, Park Seo Joon stunned his fans by speaking Spanish. The show revolves around a group of Korean celebrities who go to another nation to run a pop-up restaurant.

Park Seo Joon’s gang built a temporary eatery in Spain, and Park Seo Joon learned enough Spanish to speak with the customers.


Park Seo Joon’s co-star “Hwang Jung Eum” gave him the nickname ‘Park Sundae’. It does not, however, allude to the ice cream sundae. Sundae is a type of thick blood sausage in Korean cuisine. “Hwang Jung Eum” gave him this nickname because of his huge lips!

First Asian model to advertise Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger is a luxury American apparel company, and Park Seo Joon was chosen as the brand’s first Asian face. Another factor may be that he is well-known for having an excellent fashion sense!

Dating rumors

He was allegedly linked to actress Baek Jin Hee, his “Gold, Appear!” co-star. In the drama, they portrayed nervous and immature newlyweds, and flames flew. Seo Joon was said to have relocated into the actress’s neighborhood to be closer to her, and the two were photographed donning couple jackets. Both were genuine, he conceded, but he relocated because his former area had a parking problem, and the coats were sponsored. He definitely put a stop to those accusations!

People were also wondering about his connection with SISTAR’s Hyorin, with whom he grew close following “Dream High 2.” His parents are even acquainted with Hyorin. He was spotted aiding Hyorin, who appeared to have injured her leg a few years ago, and many admirers believed they looked lovely as a pair. “She’s my diva,” he was reported as saying during an interview. Hyorin is basically the only female friend I have.” How wonderful is that?

Park Seo Joon

His thoughts about his visuals

One of the most endearing performers in the Korean entertainment business is surprised that Western admirers believe he’s attractive. In a discussion, he stated that he believes his features are simple and that since they are plain, he can easily make any actress feel beautiful if they both share the same screen. Nevertheless, after a couple of years, he realized that his “plain” face isn’t a disadvantage and that he can take on more diverse jobs as a result of it.

Amazing sense of style 

Park Seo Joon is the very first Asian male model to be named the face of Tommy Hilfiger, which is why he and Jessica attended Tommy Hilfiger’s presentation in Los Angeles. According to his Instagram photos, he has a wonderful sense of style even on his own. He combines essentials with prominent elements to make his appearance more unique. 

He also takes amazing OOTD photos that can compete with any fashion blogger! It helps because he is about 6 feet tall, so he appears like a model when he is not working. “We welcome to the connection that ‘Tommy Hilfiger’ will generate with Park Seo Joon, who is a trending actor with enormous fame and impact in the Asian market,” a Tommy Hilfiger representative stated.

Big Family 

Park Seo Joon, the eldest of three brothers, enjoys being a big brother. His younger sibling is married with a two-year-old kid. Park Seo Joon claims that living alone in Seoul has left him lonesome and that his niece has heightened his need for the warmth of a family. His niece knows him and calls him out on television. Maybe he will be a nice spouse and father one day.

His ideal type

In an interview, he stated that lovely hands and a pleasant smile are absolutely attractive in a girl. Above all, excellent dialogue is required. “I worry a lot about first impressions,” he says of his preferred kind. Our communication patterns must also be compatible.”


Even when his fan meetups sell out in minutes, Park Seo Joon remains grounded. At his brother’s wedding, so many people came to see him that the situation became out of control. He was taken aback since he had not expected his fame to be that great. When asked about his celebrity, he stated, “Fortunately, there are more chances than previously. It used to be really difficult for me to find a job, but today I can find it with more ease.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Is park SEO Joon married? 

On January 1, 2018, he married (Korean time). Choi Ji Woo, a well-known Korean actress, is his wife. They met through mutual acquaintances, and both claim their relationship grew organically and rapidly.

How tall is park seo joon? 

His height is 6 feet 1 inches (1.86 m). 

Did Park Seo Joon join the military?

He began his necessary military duty at the age of 20 in 2008 and was released in 2010.

Does Park Seo Joon have kids?

No, he does not have any kids yet. 

Final Word 

We have compiled some amazing facts about Park Seo Joon’s life in this article. Those who are huge fans of Park SEO Joon will find this article very helpful for them as this article will help them in getting to know their favorite actor.