Nowadays everyone is an active user of social media. We use multiple social media applications like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. As a student, you can easily feel the changes in your life because of the regular use of social media. Social media should be used for entertainment purposes not for making it a part of daily routine. Some of us have made social media above everything.

We are always using our phones and scrolling them aimlessly. Regular use of social media is reducing the research and writing skills of students. Students are now more prone to take Assignment Help rather than writing their projects.

Reduces Focus:

Continuous usage of social media reduces the concentration power of students. It feels very good when you are using your phone but when you switch from mobile to book it becomes uninteresting. The reason why this change happened is due to the regular usage of social media platforms.

Lowers Percentage:

Students regularly use social platforms and become addicted. They do not feel like studying or doing something productive. Instead of doing something they continuously want to scroll social media and stay online.

When you do not study and continuously use social media then you will never get the desired grades.

Sleep Deprivation:

Students are habitual of using their phones. They can’t quit their habit of using phones because they are addicted to them. Smartphone’s UI is designed in such a way that it attracts the human towards it.

The color-coding of the applications is always made aesthetic and eye-pleasing. We will never stop using our phones and stay up late at night.

Waste Of Time:

Staying online has zero benefits. We are wasting our precious time by using social media. There is no point in continuously scrolling the feed and talking to the stranger on the internet.

We should do something productive in that time and try to learn some new skills. We never focus on utilizing the time in which we use social media.

Distraction In Life:

Students are addicted to their phones. They use phones continuously day and night to maintain their social media presence. It distracts them from their goals and creates distractions in life.

Students cannot focus on their studies or create their presentations. Their grades also start decreasing with each passing day and they do not want to study.


Continuous use of social media will make you addicted. You will never like to stay away from the phone. For the whole day and night, you will be using Smartphone.

If you keep your phone away then also you cannot focus on your studies. You will be attracted to your Smartphone and ultimately use it at any cost.

Affects Health:

We all use our smartphones all the time and do not worry about our body posture and health. Students never go out for a workout or physical exercise. They just stay on bed or couch and continuously use their phone. Smartphone and regular use of social media damages our body and distorts our body posture.

Conclusion –

We all should use social media platforms for entertainment purposes and never make them part of our life. Maintaining social media presence is good but we should always stay connected to our goals. Use professional platforms like LinkedIn, you will get plenty of knowledge and unknown facts on the portal.

The time we spend on our phones should be used on studies and doing some form of physical activity. Install some applications on your phone, if you want to reduce your screen on time.