When you plan to buy a home for living, the price will be your first priority and sometimes it disrupts the plans too. Getting the most house for your money is crucial if it has taken you years to save. You will need money for a down payment, closing charges, and loan origination fees to purchase any type of home.  The benefit of purchasing a mobile or manufactured house over a regular stick-built home is that you can get far more for your money. A single-wide mobile home can be a good fit for you if you want a smaller floor plan or have a neighborhood or lot size requirement that won’t allow for the width of the double-wide.

Read more details about single wide mobile home prices and used single wide mobile homes for sale near me.

Single Wide Mobile Home Prices and Details

Regarding manufactured housing, single-wide mobile homes have attractive pricing and flexible living options. There are several single-section layout alternatives, with sizes ranging from 1 to 3 bedrooms and up to 1,300 square feet.

The single-wide mobile home is expertly planned and engineered with the greatest materials and the most recent housing trends in mind. They are produced by different brands which are well-built with reasonable prices. 

In the US, you may anticipate paying between $42,000 and $86,000 for a spacious, 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, single wide mobile home with air conditioning, the most popular options, setup, and delivery. You can buy them starting from $29,900, with a variety of designs and floor plans available. See a single wide mobile home for sale near you.

Mobile Home Prices and Delivery

Single wides are houses that can be delivered with just one truck and one driver since they are designed to fit all the necessary living spaces into a single width of 14 to 16 feet (with some models reaching as wide as 18 feet).

This also means that a single-wide mobile home requires fewer resources and labor hours to set up than a double-wide one. Finally, single-wide homes don’t need trim-outs, which are the steps used to join two double-wide sections to form a single, complete structure. Read about single wide mobile homes for sale.

Used Single Wide Mobile Homes for Sale Near Me

A single-wide mobile home can be a good fit for you if you’re interested in a manufactured or mobile home but want a smaller floor plan or have a neighborhood or lot size requirement that won’t allow for the width of the double-wide. 

In one of the manufacturing sites, single-wide homes are built totally shielded from the elements, such as bad weather, which can delay production or damage supplies. Because they are single-section homes that are transported and delivered as single, sturdy units, they differ from double-wide mobile homes.

A single wide mobile home for sale is between 400 and 1,330 square feet in size and includes one to three bedrooms. 

Don’t be deceived by the size! These residences are just as gorgeous and stocked with amenities as multi-section homes. Chef-inspired kitchens, spacious master suites with walk-in showers and soaking tubs, and expansive open floor plans that effectively utilize all of your living space are all features of many floor designs.

Factory Opinions about Single Wide Mobile Home For Sale

While some improvements, like air conditioning, are standard across the board for all of our factories, others differ greatly. As you progress up the price ladder, what you discover as an improvement in the more affordable homes becomes a typical feature. 

Many features seen in a Clayton farmhouse-style home are sometimes absent from other inexpensive models. Since a lot of homes are sold in Texas, experts strongly recommend that all of our buyers pick air conditioning, upgraded insulation, and new siding. A single wide mobile home is a perfect package for the ones who want to have affordable living. 


The wonderful thing about the single-wide mobile home is that you’ll discover they cost less per square foot of living space than double wides or similarly-quality site-built homes. See the prices, and choose a single wide mobile home for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

In general, single wide mobile homes are available ranging from 600 to 1,330 square feet. The widest single mobile home must be no longer than 90 feet and 18 feet wide or less.
All single-wide mobile homes shall be no more than 18 feet long and no more than 90 feet wide. A single-wide typically has dimensions of 15 feet wide by 72 feet long. In square feet, the largest single-wide mobile homes can go up to 1300 square feet in size.
The smallest mobile homes that manufacturers typically offer are no smaller than 400 square feet (37 square meters). Even yet, some businesses have been able to create even smaller single-module homes.
The average size of a mobile home in the US was 1,184 square feet in 2018, and by 2023, that size is expected to drop to 1,172 square feet.
There are 980 square feet in a 14x70 mobile home.
There are 1,280 square feet in a 14x70 mobile home.

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