In today’s post, we will give you all the information you should learn concerning Tokyo Ghoul characters, anime, and manga in this article. We’ll tell you about the setting, as well as the storyline, Tokyo Ghoul, and the principal characters. We’ve prepared a detailed guide to help you, so follow us until the very end. Tokyo Ghoul is a story that centers on Ken Kaneki.

 A boy from Tokyo is on dates with a beautiful girl but is unaware that she’s a ghoul. Ghouls appear like humans; however, they can survive by eating the flesh of humans. In the midst of getting ready to be consumed by his girlfriend and she is about to die, both of them are due to an accident.

 However, her organs save the latter. After that, the ghoul himself is changed into one. The series continues with his subsequent adventures.

11 Principal Tokyo Ghoul characters 

This section will show you the Tokyo goul re characters and main Tokyo Ghoul characters names from The Tokyo Ghoul manga and anime. They include:

  1. Ken Kaneki He is also known as Haise Sasaki, later referred to as Haise, the show’s main character. Born on the 20th of December, He is a normal university student who is a fan of literature and is in love with Rize. However, after being involved in accidents, the young man is transformed into a half-ghoul. With Yoshimura and Touka, the two begin working as a waiter in the Anteiku. In the process of identifying with ghouls, it makes him reconsider the role he ought to be to be in this world.
  1. Tokyo ghoul female characters (Toka Hiroshima) are an eerie ghoul who acts harshly towards Ken at the show’s beginning; however, she later offers her heart to Ken. She is also a waitress in the restaurant Anteiku. She is particularly cautious toward Hinami, who she regards as similar to her younger sister. Even though she’s a goblin and is at high school, her closest acquaintance is Yoriko, whom she greatly adores.

  2. Tokyo ghoul characters and Kisho Arima He was the renowned special class investigator, referred to by “Shinigami of the CCG.”He was the commander of Squad Tokyo ghoul season 3 characters. A monster had never defeated him. His exceptional talent and investigative abilities have led many investigators. However, during his death, plenty of people were jealous of him. He is one-eyed and kingly, an honor handed over to Kaneki after his death.
  1. Kotaro Amon is a youthful and promising CCG soldier who made it to the top in his training through the Academy. However, he isn’t apathetic in any way to achieve his ultimate goal, which is an ideal world that is free of ghosts, and so much that he strives each day to destroy them all from the beginning through the final of Tokyo ghoul characters.
  1. Akira Mado is the daughter of Kuro Mado and is an investigator just like Amon. Amon became her partner after her father’s death. Amon is an intelligent woman who generally seems serious about her work and life. Like her father, she has an intuitive ability to know the situation in the field.
  1. Hideyoshi Nagachika was later known by the name Hide. Hide, was a close friend of Ken’s who attended his school. He is always smiling and superficial; however, he has an exceptional sense of observation and is the first person to observe that Ken has changed from Ken to the form of a half-ghoul.

7. ShuTsukiyama is a ghoul who is a bit extremely picky in the world of food and gets sucked into the smell of Ken’s blood. CCG has given him the name “Gourmet.”

8. Juzo Suzuya is an albino-skinned boy with the wackiest and most innocent personality. He has stitches throughout his body. The man is a CCG soldier that fights the sickle shape Quinque. The real name of his character is Rei Suzuya. As an infant, he was abducted and bred like an animal, making him circus and kill others.

9.Rize Kamishiro was the reason behind Kaneki’s transformation in her life. In the ward of 20th century, she was known under the moniker “Gluttonous” because of her constant craving for humans, especially males. In addition, she was well-known among the ghouls due to her robust Kagune. After she died in a crash, her internal organs were transferred to Ken.

10. Yakumo Omori, also called Jason was an assassin who was unbalanced from Aogiri and was dubbed “Jason” for his hockey mask that referred to the serial killer fictionalized Jason Voorhees; differentiating himself from the latter by the weapon he used surgical pincers.

11. Eto Yoshimura is the primary antagonist in the series. The mysterious and adorable Tokyo ghoul characters are the creator and leader of Aogiri. It is an eerie ghoul who has naturally occurring sekiganas half-human and half-ghoul sister of Yoshimura and his wife, Ukina.

  • A short synopsis Toyko goul

“The story is set in a different world, where ghouls that eat human flesh reside among normal people, in secret concealing their true nature to avoid being hunted by authorities. 

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Who is the strongest goul?

  • 1 Ken Kaneki.

Who is the  Toyoko goul side characters?

  • Ken Kaneki.
  • Touka Kirishima.
  • Yoshimura.
  • Renji Yomo.
  • Nishiki Nishio.
  • Enji Koma.
  • Kaya Irimi.