Well, it is one of the most interesting questions in the food industry. A lot of people rely on conventional products and these packed items that we call snacks. But, do you know how companies are making them?. Not many people are interested in knowing about the procedure and ingredients as long as it’s tasty. And it is a famous question that what snack food was legally barred from calling its product “chips”? 

There are a lot of guesses by people and mainly they are right. It is the company which is the favorite of almost everyone that makes delicious chips. But should we call it chips even? The snack food is Pringles which is the savory, crispy, and most addictive snack food ever. They seem to be the perfect description of a potato chip but they are just crisps. 

What Snack Food was Legally Barred from calling its Product “chips”

Pringles is one of the most famous brands in the world. They are known for their sturdy container and slim chips with a unique design. The crispy sound and the special recipe of pringles which is shocking but do not use potatoes. So, why do we call them chips at all? These are the dehydrated processed potatoes that are made with corn, rice, and wheat. 

The Federal government of the U.S. weighed in on this matter in 1975. They said that the company should call pringles chips only if they are using dried potatoes.

So, the company had to name them with the term crisps. The company takes quite pride in engineering a product that has solved problems for people. Their innovative design and amazing packaging were obviously making them side-apart.

Other than the traditional potato chips, they brought something more confusing and tasty to the market. And, the customers are still in love with it knowing that these are not potato chips.

The Taste of Home reported a long time ago that Pringles do not contain potatoes as ingredients. They are making their product with dehydrated processed potatoes. This led to a full-time investigation and in 1975, the company had to change the packaging.

Moreover, they had to state this fact in their packing that they do not use real potatoes. As this is a clear lie to their customers and they should put forward the truth. Otherwise, they won’t be able to run the company anymore. 

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What Snack Food was Legally Barred from calling its Product “Chips”? The Signature Curve:

Well for us, the signature curve of pringles is quite fascinating. It was the main reason why people were so attracted to it because it fits everyone’s needs. First, Gizmodo shared the process behind Pringle’s great achievement for the perfect curve. Unlike the other companies, they have quite an administrative process that is quite complex.

They contain many ingredients like potato flakes, rice, wheat, corn, and others to make a mixture

The ingredients keep rolling as a mixture until a thin paste is made. They are cut into oval shapes mostly like a cookie to give them a texture. These go through the conveyor belt which of course makes the exact shape.

The company and the customers are quite proud of what they have achieved. The shape is the mere branding which makes it different from the other companies around the world. 

Examples of Pringles

Have you seen any marketing examples of Pringles? No, as they are already in the mind of customers due to their shape and taste. In the process, the machine is also removing the excess texture of the raw dough. They want the chips to be extremely thin that gives you a bit of potato taste and their ingredients.

The mold goes through the boiling oil where the chips are powdered as well with spices. Of course, the ingredients of every flavor change like your taste. 

Lastly, the chips go through the stacking unit where they are added to their cans. Their packaging is class-apart and we all have that in mind. The best part is that you can re-use their cans for any purpose at your home. So, that is the whole story behind what snack was legally barred from calling its product chips.