Katiana Kay, also known as Willikatiana, is a well-known American model who has also gained a recorded number of followers on social media in the past few years. She is a hot model who uses her hot body as a tool to attract people. This is why she is one of the most liked celebrities of America. Katiana Kay has earned the title of social media influencer within a short period. She is regarded as the Tik Tok queen of the USA who has the maximum number of followers on this social media platform. Most models and actors have to strive for a long time to earn such fame that Kay has gained within a short period. 

To know all about her achievements and recorded followers, one will have to explore her history thoroughly. To do this, one should follow her for a long time. To search for Kay’s fans easily, we have proposed a short guide that will let them learn who Kay is and what her world records are. 

Also, this guide will unveil all about the personal life of this influential lady. After deep research, we have gathered all the data about Katiana Kay that will help you to learn all basic things about her. So, let’s move down to explore this short guide.

Katiana Kay: A Short Biography

Birth and Parentage

Kay was born on February 23, 2002, and within a short time, she met the height of popularity. She has a mixed parentage as her father, Mr. Kay, and mother, Mrs. Kay belonged to Mexico and Columbia respectively. Therefore, she has a mixed Colombian and Mexican ethnicity. Also, her mixed parentage helped her to have dual nationality in America as well as Mexico. She has her house in Arizona, Miami, USA. 

Nationality and Religion

As mentioned above, Kay has dual nationality in America as well as Columbia. This is due to her mixed parentage. She is Catholic by religious belief. 


She went to the public school in her hometown. She earned a bachelor’s degree in 2020, however, any information about her college education is not available on her pages. 

Start of Kay’s Career

Katina Kay started her modeling career as her hobby. She didn’t attend any modeling academy and started from social media. This start proved very beneficial for her as her followers grew very rapidly. She started uploading her videos on different social media accounts that were liked by a lot of people. 

After her success on her social media accounts, she also appeared in a television show ” The Simonetta Lein “. However, she was a guest of honor in this show instead of any performer. Through her writings and talks, it seems that Kantiana Kay wanted to be an actress but she never performed in any movie or TV show yet. 

What is Katiana Kay Famous For? 

Several reasons are there that earned Kay such an honor and fame. However, her tremendous fan following on Tik Tok and Instagram are the major contributors to her fame. Besides these social media forums, Kay has also a great fan following on Facebook, Twitter, and her blogs. Here is an approximate fan following of this influencer. 
Followers on Instagram: More than 543k. 
Tik Tok fan following: More than 1.7 million. 
Followers on Twitter: More than 146.1k. 
All this approximation is for a short period. Through her hotly swimsuit pictures, she has attracted a lot of youth generation towards her that added to her fan following. 

What is Kay’s Net Worth? 

Kay has multi income sources. According to a survey, she runs an e-commerce business, runs social media accounts, and is a successful entrepreneur. According to a survey of 2021, Katiana Kay’s net worth is about $1 million. As a young entrepreneur, this is her income for a few months. 

Final Thoughts 

Katiana Kay is an influential model and entrepreneur who has earned high fame at the very little age of just 19. She started her career at the very initial stages of her age, however, her way of presenting herself attracted a lot of her followers. To date, she has a huge fan following on Tik Tok, Twitter, and Instagram. All this is due to the unique way that she adopted to earn fame.