It is a mechanical, gasoline, electric or power-driven portable saw. Its work is to cut by using a set of teeth connected along the rotating chain which moves all over the blade. It is mainly used for hewing, limping, shearing or knocking down the trees. It can also be used to cut fire guards to prevent the spread of fire in the wildland and to cut the firewood.

Many other versions of it with specially designed and advanced rotating chain and blade combinations have been manufactured that are being used in mills and art. On the other hand, many exclusive ones are being used in the construction industry to cut the concrete.

They are often operated to cut the ice such as in making the sculptures from ice and to make pools for swimming. This is mainly done in Finland.

The reason why were chainsaws invented was to get some tool which can help in childbirth then they evolved into simple saws then into mechanical ones but now it has made further advancements and is being used for other purposes as well.

Why Were Chainsaws Invented- Their Parts and Functioning:

In its construction, many parts are put together to make a whole tool. These are mentioned below:

  • Throttle:  It manages the speed of the chain. On the other hand, in gas ones, it monitors the quantity of fuel reaching the cylinders.
  • Hand guard: It protects the machinist’s hands from detritus that flies all around while cutting as well as protects the hands from chains moving all over the blade.
  • Chain catcher: This part of it is very protective as it provides safety and catches the chain if it ruptures while operating.
  • Throttle interlock: It controls the throttle from suddenly getting activated. To activate the throttle, you must press the throttle interlock.
  • Chain brake: It stops the chain from working when an accidental recoil occurs. It can be manual as well as inertia-activated.
  • Muffler: It is a very important part in terms of reducing noise levels. If it was not a part of it, it would make a very loud noise that can even affect your hearing.
  • Guide bar: It is a bar made up of metal. It keeps the chain in a place.
  • Chain: This is the main part that actually does the cutting. It has a sharp set of teeth on it attached at a specific distance. 
  • Anti-vibration system: This system lowers the stress on the operator’s hand by absorbing the vibrations which mainly affects the hands and arms.
  • Clutch: It manages the working of the chain along the guide bar.
  • Flywheel: It keeps the speed of the engine in check and prevents the motor from overheating.
  • Chain tensioner: The tensioner manages the tension of the chain along the guide bar so it works smoothly.
  • Air filter: It prevents the engine from getting filled with dust by filtering the air.
  • Decompression valve: It releases compression from the chamber of combustion in the starting.
  • Carburetor: It keeps the fuel intake of the engine in check.
  • Choke valve: It manages the quantity of fuel and air that goes into the carburetor.
  • Bucking spikes: They assist in digging it into a log of wood as well as prevent recoils.

History of Why Were chainsaws Invented:

It has been transformed a lot from being a simple tool to being a very powerful yet useful tool. If we go through the history of the evolution of it we will come to know that it has evolved a lot. It will sound weird yet horrible to you but the answer to why were chainsaws first invented is for being used in childbirth and not to cut woods.

 The reason why were chainsaws invented for childbirth is that before the cesarean section was initiated it was very difficult to make the baby pass through the vagina if the baby was comparatively larger. So, in order to overcome this, doctors had to remove some parts of the pelvis to make some space to let the baby come out.

Initially, this operation was done by using some small knife which was very difficult in terms of being painful and messy. To solve this problem, in 1780, two doctors named James Jeffary and John Aktin put together this tool to get help in childbirth considering that it would make the process easier yet take less time. 

In the beginning, they were being operated by a hand crank and in terms of shape, it was oval and looked like a kitchen knife of today. 
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Why Were Chainsaws Invented and Their Evolving:

As discussed earlier, the reason behind why chainsaws were invented? Is to overcome the need of some tool during childbirth n symphysiotomy which is the removal of some bones and cartridges to make space to get the baby out from the birth canal.

But in today’s world where everything is advanced and has evolved to a great extent, it has also evolved and has transformed into a whole better mechanical tool.

In the beginning, a simple saw was invented which was not mechanical.

The tools like an axe were hard to use as they are heavy and a great amount of energy is consumed as well as it was very time taking to use it. And in the old times, the forests were the main source of development and evolution of civilization and the finance of most of the countries was mostly dependent on forests. 

People used to cut down the trees to sell them, to make their homes to protect themselves from harsh weather, to make furniture, cutlery and other things of daily use and for the longest time, the lumberman’s job was used to be the lowest scale job in the social order.

But this also got changed with its invention and made a good change in lumberman’s self-confidence and morale. But today, a labourer who used to be considered disgusting is now a respectful machine driver and a specialist.

There is not any doubt in saying that wood is the centre of anything and to cut it and make its use convenient we had to make some tools. 

In 1800 B.C., people started to use it for cutting wood along the length. Most of the work was still being done by the axes. They used it only for cutting it and the axe was used for felling or cutting branches. This concept was being carried out like this for many coming years because it’s use was difficult for some, for some its discovery was still unknown and in various places its use was not allowed.

Still, it was hard to use and there was a need for someone who could make a mechanical one. Preceding this, in 1920, Westfelt from Sweden, Stihl from Germany and Wolf from the United States of America invented a mechanical one. 

They made huge changes in many industries like the construction industry, other mills and industries of arts. Though we don’t make the most use of it and treat it as an ordinary tool, in old times it has been a great help for people who used to cut trees as other tools like an axe were used before it was invented.

It was mainly invented to make the difficult forestry work a bit easier for lumbermen. After that, it kept evolving and is now considered one of the best tools to cut woods and for felling. 

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