You might have heard a lot of superstitious debates on cornflakes or jokes passing around. Well, they are true. Not a lot of people know the origin of this amazing breakfast but they sure love it. There was a big reason behind the myth of why were cornflakes invented. All the credit goes to Dr. John Harvey Kellog and his brother. A lot of people still consider this a joke or a rumor about the myths behind cornflakes. 

John Harvey was an American doctor, nutritionist and people do say that he was more like an inventor. He was the director of Battle Creek Sanitarium, a world-renowned place. It was a mental and overall health resort where you can get different facilities. Like there was a spa, hydrotherapy, hospital, and a five-star hotel. The best part about Kellogs institute was that they treated both rich and poor the same way. People who cannot pay their medical expenses were more than welcome here. 

Kellog dedicated 30 years of his life to promoting and the improvement of genetic makeup for the human race. He was highly against the mixing of races considering that it creates the chances of mental handicaps. 

Why Were Cornflakes Invented – The truth:

During his work, he saw that people have an urge for sexual desires in the morning. To make sure that the people remain healthy and follow a good lifestyle, he thought of a plan. There are so many rumors that Dr. John thought that reproduction or your sexual wellness can be harmful to the spirit. All of his children were adopted. He wanted the same things for these patients and he had plenty of reasons. 

So, the reason why were cornflakes made was to ensure a healthy lifestyle for patients. They can stay away from all the sexual desires as for him they can lead to pain in joints, mood swings, and epilepsy. For his patients who were already suffering from mental diseases, he had a strict diet routine that they must follow. As his choices on the diet were also strange because he thought that certain flavors increase sexual drive. It could be seasoning or any other thing in the food. 

His plan included cereals or nuts as he had a certain belief that they decrease the sexual drive. So. the creation of the famous Kellog’s corn flakes was to ensure a healthy lifestyle. But, the real truth can be a little strange for some people. Back in those times, the patient’s life mattered more than anything. And, the times were different so this is your answer to why were cornflakes invented. 

The Story Behind Cornflakes:

We understand now that why cornflakes were invented. But this rumor comes with many stories. There is an internet fact-checking service called Snopes that considers this myth or truth to be false. They clearly stated that the reason for Kellogg production was to create a plain diet for your morning. Something that could increase the vitals in the body and help you to remain active. It was not for the decrease of sexual desires in people. 

Kellog’s was indicating a healthy lifestyle with clean living but it was just a bland diet. As Snopes consider that a diet cannot stop you from anything. It is just a way of getting energy. Based on their research and evidence, corn flakes were just an easy-to-digest food. It was a healthy breakfast that people still eat today. For the patients in the sanitarium, Kellog’s was mandatory in the morning. The patients had to eat it every day and the doctor was checking the changes it causes in the mood and daily activities. 

Some professors also became part of this debate. For them, the introduction of Kellog’s was to create a counter food for indigestion. Commonly, a lot of us face indigestion. With the increase of workload, we anything that we can quickly grab. For your morning routine, corn flakes were introduced to ensure you are getting something healthy. Indigestion was a common problem back then. 

Why cornflakes were invented? The benefits and healthy lifestyle for everyone:

John Harvey Kellog was quite a charming man and he was known because of his healthy lifestyle. People used to see and admire him. He was always clean and he used to walk around the city with a cockatoo on his shoulder. His invention was not only a success back then but was a trend that still people follow. Corn flakes are not only for adults but for children as well as it is a whole meal that gives you energy. 

It not only helps in leading a healthy lifestyle but ensures safety from heart diseases. There have been many pieces of research going on and scientists believe that cereals ensure that a person is safe from strokes or deadly heart diseases. Not only that, it helps in weight loss. If we talk about the specific Kellog company, then you know they brought a new trend to the market. Kellog’s advertisement and weight loss cereal was a new healthy way to lead your life. 

People were able to keep a track of their meal portions and they can eat 2 to 3 times the cereal in a day. And, the best part was that it showed results. It is a perfect way to enjoy healthy food with the rich nutrients that your body needs. It also helps in ensuring the health of your lungs. Moreover, a lot of people do not know but it helps in your protein intake as well. It is carefully produced with all the essential nutrients your body needs. So, you can always be 100% sure that your intake is good. 

Rich Nutrient Diet Especially for Patients:

Not only based on the history of Kellogs but cereal does change a lot in your body. People who are on diets or they are suffering from diseases can enjoy the benefits of this food. It can help you to be strong again, increase immunity and ensure protection from chronic diseases. So, apart from why were cornflakes invented, they are a real source of nutrients that we can enjoy every day.