Every new year brings significant changes and so does 2022. 2021 was arguably tough challenging people and businesses. On the other hand, it is much more encouraging. If you plan to run a business in 2022, you should know that many methods applied in 2021 will vanish, especially when it comes to digital advertising.

Except for increased reliance on vistacreate colors, there are six other trends you need to get familiar with to make sure your brand is visually appealing, gripping and successful. What are they exactly? Let’s find out together.

Social And Business Platforms Are To Remain

This trend might not seem insightful at first glance, but social and business platforms have already been used in digital marketing. Yes, that is true but only partially. Although networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram have been familiar to businesses, only recently have they become widely utilized.

Companies funnel fewer resources into traditional marketing and invest more in digital advertising. And they don’t do that for no reason. Take Facebook, for instance, it is used by billions of people monthly, the app allows brands to reach out to more potential customers. Besides, it is a win-win in that digital advertising is more powerful and way cheaper than traditional marketing methods.

SEO Will Change (Again?)

As a business owner that has come across Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you may have observed how volatile this field is. Its algorithms alter every now and then, so you always have to be up to date to produce SEO-friendly content and keep your page closer to the top. Therefore, it is hard to predict what will change this year. Nonetheless, keep tracking algorithm changes and other modifications related to SEO.

Video Content Will Keep Dominating

It took five years for TikTok to launch 1 billion users (in comparison, Facebook and Instagram spent 8.6 and 7.7 years, respectively, to reach that number of users). The pandemic showed that people long for video content. And that format will prevail in digital marketing, too. You don’t necessarily need to download TikTok and roll out hilarious videos habitually. What’s more important is to include videos in your digital marketing agenda.

Old Concept, New Faces: Or, Influencer Marketing Will Continue To Thrive

Influencer marketing will also change. Instead of collaborating with heavy hitters with millions of followers, brands will often cooperate with several influencers with fewer followers. It is mutually beneficial, allowing companies to be present in multiple regions and local influencers to develop. There is no doubt that huge influencers will continue to be in demand; however, their prices will skyrocket as a result. Your brand will be boosted more effectively and affordably by smaller influencers.

Better User Experience As the Primary Objective

Securing a perfect user experience is and will always be an ever-lasting trend. Businesses will long for making customer experience pristine, unparalleled and tailored to every person. For example, companies will have to focus on chatbots to ensure their interaction with people is accurate and fruitful.

Businesses will also need to adopt other advanced technologies to ensure people can purchase with no delays. Social media users’ attention span is often low, so it’s critical to provide them with quick options, like in-app purchases, to buy a product within seconds and keep scrolling through their feeds.

Better user experience as the primary objective


Rising Conversational Marketing

Clients are a propellant for companies, empowering them to develop or, conversely, frowning upon their products. Meaningful communication between businesses and customers is essential. And in 2022, it will reach an even higher level, transforming into conversational marketing.

Conversational marketing entails customer service chatbots, live chat, text messages, emails, videos and everything that enables people to communicate with the brand. These will help companies create personalized ads, improving customer experience, engagement and returns in the long run.

The Bottom Line

Every year brings plenty of new things, and 2022 is no different. As we step into the new year, it is crucial to be open to changes and remind yourself that it will be hard to develop without acquiring them. Whatever your business is, pay close attention to digital advertising and its methods. It will help you retain old customers, attract new buyers, and become way better than in 2021.