Good news game developers! A recent report by Research and Markets revealed that the global mobile gaming market is booming and will be worth approximately $165.54 billion by 2026. A rise in the number of gamers is great for developers because it means their hard work and creativity will be rewarded.

More gamers, more games, more money, right? No, it’s not so easy, developers. As the gaming industry expands, developers are creating better games, and competition is stiff. If you are wondering how to market your game and make it stand out from the thousands of games in app stores, this post is for you.

We’ve created this short guide to help you know how to market your mobile game. Here’s what you should do.

Do Your Homework

The essence of mobile game marketing is to create awareness about your game, increase downloads and purchases, and get a good return on investment. But how do you get games to download or spend money on your game?

This is where research comes in. Before developing and launching your game, you ought to identify who your target audience is. Is your game geared towards teenagers or older folks? Is it meant for women or men?

When you do your homework, you get a clear picture of the kind of game your target audience wants and how you can tailor it to suit their needs. You’ll also know how to structure your marketing campaigns to attract your target market.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is an umbrella term that means using any content form to promote a product or service. The content can be articles, still images, videos, reviews, testimonials, etc.

To get started, create a converting landing page that gives prospects valuable game information when they follow links from social media and search engines. Add the following to your landing page:

Game Description

  • A promo video
  • User reviews and testimonials
  • A trial game
  • Clear call-to-actions such as “download now,” “purchase now,”

Creating a converting landing page is not easy. You might have to hire a professional web designer, video creators for trailers, and a content writer. But the investment will be worth it when your game sells.

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App Store Optimization

There were more than 449,000 mobile games on the Google Playstore in the first quarter of 2022. Apple’s App Store also has thousands of mobile games, all fighting for gamers’ attention. How can you make your game stand out among others in these app stores?

App store optimization is similar to search engine optimization (SEO). You must optimize your mobile game to rank first when a user searches for a certain keyword. For instance, if your game is about race cars, you need to include keywords such as “racing” and “car game” in the game description.

App store optimization strategies include:

  • Keyword placement in the game title and description
  • Game localization
  • Reviews and testimonials
  • Video trailers to give users a preview of the game
  • Gaming screenshots

App store optimization attracts organic traffic and lays a foundation for further efforts like paid advertising.