Rocket League is a free-to-play multiplayer car-combat video f95 games developed and published by Psyonix. It was released worldwide on Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on June 20, 2015.

It is available for play on both Microsoft Windows and the PlayStation 4 through the Games for Windows – Live. And on the Xbox One through the Microsoft Windows Live Games for Windows – Premium and Games for Windows – Ultimate.

Rocket League features a wide variety of vehicles and each vehicle’s handling. And physics are influenced by its weight class (heavy, midweight, light).

Each vehicle’s handling is also affected by the amount of weight that is on its suspension; heavier vehicles will handle differently than lighter vehicles of the same type.

Rocket League Video Game – F95 Games

Rocket League is the second game from Psyonix, a two-man studio founded in 2008. The game was developed simultaneously with the console versions of the Rocket League.

The gameplay takes place on a large, open arena, divided into tracks by a set of goals. Some people want to play rocket League video games online. F0r those people, I have a piece of good news the website f95 games zone gives you the opportunity to play rocket League video Games online and build your gaming community.

Players are able to freely drive and drift through the environment while attacking opponents. By shooting rocket-propelled barrels called “racers” that are carried and propelled on hoverboards.

The game can be played competitively, or cooperatively, in up to four-player matches.

Development began in 2011, and the game was funded through the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. Eventually reaching a total of through donors, the second-highest funded crowd-funding project ever on this platform.

Rocket League was released as an Early Access title on Xbox One, on December 10, 2015. The game was released for Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4 on June 20, 2015, the day before its other platforms.

F95 GamesGameplay

Rocket League is a multiplayer-focused vehicle combat game in which players must drive their cars against each other. By launching their cars towards their opponents’ goalposts to score points.

Players can build their own arenas at their computer, or join a game hosted by an Internet player; or a game in which others host a session, which is usually split up into smaller teams.

Players use their own vehicles to compete against other players, using the ball to move the ball into goal zones. Players can also drift their vehicle to avoid enemy attacks and gain extra points.

There are three main objectives to each game: to score goals, defend the goal, and avoid hitting the other team’s players and goal.  Some games have additional objectives, such as destroying a set number of opponents’ vehicles or defending a certain area.

Players may also take advantage of objects in the game, such as walls, ramps, and other vehicles, to perform stunts that are a mix between parkour and other extreme sports. Players are ranked by a combination of points gained and performance in a match.


The latter part of the ranking is based on the performance of the player in terms of passing the ball to teammates and opponents.

The game features over 120 customizable vehicles, such as go-karts, racecars, fighter jets, and tanks, which the player can drive around a “world”, a 3D map that is displayed as a sphere, with the map divided into three zones, each containing 10 maps.

Maps are divided into “turrets” that the player must destroy to win the game, which are smaller maps with smaller maps. 

The player can enter “Rocket League” events to play the game in various modes, such as “Career Mode”, which features four ranked seasons in which the player wins medals to unlock new features in the game. 

The game also features a battle mode that includes five battle types: “Capture the Flag”, “Defense”, “Joust”, “Shootout”, and “Skullclash”.

In each battle type, the player selects a vehicle and battles against other players. The player can earn XP that can be used to purchase new parts to modify their vehicles, new vehicles, and equipment for their vehicles.

All vehicles feature three different drive systems that determine how well the car can be maneuvered, and what kind of damage it can inflict.

Some vehicles, such as the Hummer H2, can be propelled with turbo boosts, and have extra traction by setting an “underpinning” function, where one or more tires slide sideways to increase traction.

Other vehicles are powered by gas, electrical or both, and can increase speed and maneuverability by holding the accelerator or applying the brakes.

F95 GamesCareer Mode

In Career mode, the player can play on the online servers. And be matched up with other players based on player skill.

Players also can earn medals for their play, by completing various “Challenges”. Which are divided into 5 categories (Rankings), as follows: “Platinum”, “Gold”, “Bronze”, “Challenge”, and “Rookie”. 

The player’s Rank is displayed by a bar that is colored. To indicate how far above/below the player’s current rank is.  When the rank bar is yellow, it indicates that the player has not been matched with any other players yet. 

When the rank bar is gold, the player is currently matched with another player. But if the player changes the match, the bar will turn orange. Yellow, orange, red, then gray, and turn green before a red bar again indicates a match with another player.

Online games can be played in either a single-player mode or in multiplayer online mode. Where several players can play online against each other simultaneously.

The game has various different maps (such as ice terrain, a volcano, a jungle, etc.) and also many different environments.

These include the city streets of Los Santos, an airfield, a city rooftop, and a desert. Players must purchase licenses for vehicles with real money. At various prices, to drive them on the streets of Los Santos.


The gameplay revolves around vehicles that are driven around a game field while scoring points by hitting a ball into the opposing team’s goal.

There are 12 cards in the game (8 of which can be upgraded with additional equipment) and a variety of game-specific goals to capture. There are four games to be played:

Soccer, where players must try and score as many goals as possible, or if the ball gets into the opponents’ goal it is instantly scored for them.

Team Deathmatch

Team Deathmatch, in which each team must protect a flag and prevent the opposing team from capturing it for as long as possible. A team may swap out their flag by sending out a different one via a crate.

Flaming T-bone, in which each team must defend their goal from the opposing team while destroying each other’s goal.

Unlike a normal match, players may destroy each other’s cars. Players are also allowed to use ramps and walls to move from one part of the track to another.

King of the Hill, which features the most unique set of game mechanics of all the games available. The game revolves around attacking an anvil, which is located between two flags.

The two teams race to capture the anvil and the flag that it is attached to. If a vehicle gets too close to the anvil, it is immediately destroyed.