After the release of Stranger Things season, Archie Heaton became the talk of the town. People have been talking about him and wanted to know more about his life. Archie is Charlie Heaton’s son who is playing the character of Jonathan in Stranger Things season. This season was a successful hit for Charlie as the show now has millions of followers. 

Before being a successful actor, Jonathan was a musician and had millions of fans. But, he was always very private about his life. So, a lot of people didn’t know that he had a kid before coming into the show. Just like the show, everyone thought of him as a teenager who did an incredible job. And, we can all agree as every character has done a lot of effort in the Stranger Things season. 

Now, while we are waiting for season 4, the cast is in the limelight and everyone wants to know more about him. His fans have always wanted to know more about him, his passions, and his love life. Charlie’s son is Archie Heaton who he loves more than anything in his life. 

Archie Heaton profile summary

Full nameArchie Heaton Matsuura
Date of birth19 May 2014
Age8 years old (as of 2022)
Zodiac signTaurus
Place of birthLondon, England
Current residenceLondon, England
MotherAkiko Keex Matsuura
FatherCharlie Heaton

Archie Heaton – Bio and Age:

Archie Heaton – Bio and Age

Archie was born in England on 19th May 2014. Born with British Nationality, he is a Taurus and son of Charlie Heaton and Akiko Matsuura. Akiko is a Japanese musician who used to work with Charlie when they fell in love. Right now Archie lives with his mom. 

He is without a doubt a son of the famous duo and his mother has recognition in Japan. She is a drummer and musician. After the divorce between the couple, Archie has been living with her mother. There are no limitations on Charlie meeting his son. They can meet whenever they like but Archie will still live with his mother as he is too young. 

Archie is a toddler who is in an elementary school taking classes. Being one child of his parents, he gets all the attention of the media and family. He is kind of a sporty kid and knows how to enjoy his outdoor activities. Her mother shares with the media how much he has grown into sports. He is a soccer and basketball player and both his parents are proud of him. 

Archie Heaton – Parent’s Separation:

Archie Heaton’s father

The famous Stranger Things actor Charlie Heaton fell in love with Matsuura when they were working together. There is not much news of their breakup or why they want to have a child together. Neither of them has shared any news as Charlie has always been a mystery to the media. His fans know a lot about him but not about the reason for their separation. 

An insider told that both of them were teenagers when they met and they had a spark. They were collaborating for the band Comanechi where they fell in love. They started seeing each other after work and soon they became parents. But their relationship was not able to stay on track for long and they split up. It’s been years now since they broke up but never have they ever said anything. 

Their romantic life has still been a mystery to people who we think are never going to find out. Currently, Akiko Matsuura age is 40 years old. Right now a lot of people have been talking about the age difference between these two celebrities. And, how small was Charlie when he had Archie? A lot of things have been out of sight of both celebrities. 

Now you might think how old is Charlie Heaton? Charlie Heaton’s age is 27 years old. Charlie Heaton’s baby is now 7 years old. 

Archie Heaton’s father Charlie Heaton:

Charlie Heaton is an English actor and a musician who is just 27 years old. But, considering his age, he is now one of the most successful actors and musicians of all time. His net worth is around $5 million which he earned from shows, movies, and his music career. Raised by just his mother in West Yorkshire, he is quite a passionate guy. At the age of 16, he was just working as a drummer in London. 

Charlie began his acting career before doing the Stranger things show. He was working on a short film Life needs courage, DCI Banks, Vera, and many others. His work life shows his dedication and how much he worked till he gets recognition worldwide. With millions of followers today, he is now the successful actor in Stranger things. 

In 2017, he became the actor in the Marvel cinematic universe, New Mutant. It was another breakthrough that made him so successful.  He is getting a lot more projects now and you will see him in a whole lot of movies and seasons. But soon, you will be seeing him on Stranger Things 4 which is coming soon. Recently, the trailer got out and the fans cannot wait for more to see this season. 

He is currently dating Natalia Dyer who is working on the same show as him. They have been going out for a time now and you can say they are in love.

Natalia Dyer and Charlie Heaton’s relationship:

A lot of people want to know about Archie Heaton. But some want to know about the love life of his father. Met on the same show, acting beside each other, they fell in love. Since stranger things 1 came out, everyone was talking about their chemistry. There is absolutely something between them and we all are huge fans of them. 

A lot of fans have been asking about Natalia Dyer’s parents as well. Well, they are not a mystery but Natalia’s father does not like to be in the media. It is one of the main reasons why you do not see them more in public. But, when they do they say to the media that they are proud of their daughter. 

Everything between them started slowly as they met. They have been going out for a while but fans became suspicious before that. Charlie a while ago was posting pictures of Heaton. We can all see the spark between them on the show but they didn’t hide their relationship. Soon, they took it to the media with a picture of them that they are dating and love each other.

Now, when Stranger Things 4 is coming, both of the celebrities are still together. You might be seeing them a lot on award shows and on the red carpet. Some people also ask what their relationship of Natalia with Archie Heaton is. But, the couples have not taken this thing to the media. There are not many pictures as they are keeping this thing quite personal. His real mother of Archie is not Natalia.

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