Commonly, many lead actors have their mystery love life. And, people want to know more about it. How can we not know about the man who a worldwide recognition? Of course, there is nothing left personal behind the cameras as you have to spill out every little detail. But J.D. Pardo has kept quite a secret following her marriage to Emily Frlekin. 

Just like any other celebrity love life, they have the same but they want to keep this away from the cameras. J.D Pardo is quite famous for his role of Ezekiel in the Mayans. People consider him the best for this role which got him a lot of fans and recognition for his acting career

When you gain so much popularity, people want to know more about your personal life. Your projects are already quite known so people wanted to know about Emily Frlekin. Both have been sharing a beautiful and happy married life for several years. There is no news about their breakup or fights or anything personal in the media. 

So, let’s explore more about this mystery woman who has got a lot of attention after marrying J.D. Pardo. 

Who is JD Pardo wife Emily Felekin?

Well, Emily is a project manager at a reputable charity foundation The Black Card Circle. She has been working for years increasing awareness for human life. Her main core areas in which she works are education, healthcare, poverty, and global development. She takes great pride in her work as her goal has been always to make a difference in society.

She became a part of the organization in 2011 and today she is an integral part of the foundation. 

Emily Felekin Early life and Education:

Emily Frlekin was born in April 1982 in Santa Monica, California. Her mother is Angela Frlekin who was a part of John Marshall Senior High. She got her graduate degree in 1996 and when to Southern California. Just like her mother, Emily studied at the University of Califonia and did BA in English Literature. As per her birth, she is American but she belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity. 

Emily grew up in a joint family with nine siblings. She has a large family with five sisters and four brothers. All of the siblings are quite close to each other. The celebrity has been sharing beautiful memories on her Instagram about her siblings. She considers them her whole world and her pride. 

Her sister Stephanie is the founder and producer of Rosewood Media group which is in California. She is also a voiceover artist in the Atherton Group. As per her academic achievements she got an AA degree from Los Angeles Pierce College. Moreover, she went to study at Concordia University in 2007 and get her BA. 

Emily’s brother Andy is an Oklahoma graduate and has been working at the Razorfin. He used to work as a server at the El Chico Cafe and Olive Garden. Apart from this, the life of her other siblings is also a mystery but she shares her love for them. She also shared that each of her siblings is quite successful in their careers. 

Emily Frlekin

Emily Felekin and J.D. Pardo Marriage:

Emily has been leading a beautiful bond with J.D. Pardo. They have had a successful matrimonial relationship for years now. The two tied the knot in 2010 at a beautiful ceremony in Califonia. They were inseparable as both were so in love. All of their closest people cannot stress more over the bond they share. They are happily married ever since the wedding. 

Despite being married for a long time, the couple does not share anything about their love life. They have been keeping it a secret and away from the media. Especially, J.D. Pardo has never shared a single picture of the couple. Although he has thousands of followers online still he has never risen the curtain. His fans also ask him about his wife and kids but he never shares anything. 

Emily Felekin and J.D. Pardo children:

People do ask that whether the couple has any children. Well, they have a beautiful daughter who was born on 13 July 2018. Her sister Stephanie shared the picture of her sister holding the baby.