Autumn Snyder was the daughter of the well-known as well as impressive celebrity, Zack Snyder. He was the famed American director of the films, a cinematographer and producer. She came into this world on the 27th of November, 1996. Her birthplace is China. Her Zodiac sign is Sagittarius.

Zack Snyder had eight children in total. Not all of them are biological, he adopted some too. She was from the adopted ones.  Her mother’s name is Deborah Snyder. Though there’s not any information available about her biological mother. The names of her other siblings are Willow Snyder, Olivia Snyder, Sage Snyder, Jett Snyder, Cash Snyder, Ezekiel Snyder and Eli Snyder.

After she was born in China, Zack Snyder and Denise Weber adopted her. She was his wife then. After adoption, Zack Snyder daughter autumn moved to their home in Pasadena, California. She started to live there with other kids of Zack Snyder. 

She accepted the new home in a friendly way and started living there in a very comforting manner. She spent a good time there but due to some reasons her mental health started declining. After that, she started having suicidal thoughts and committed suicide. This is the main reason why she is known among the people. 

To know more about her life, keep reading the article.

Siblings of Autumn Snyder

She was the sister of seven other siblings. Some of them were adopted too. She mainly belonged to an Asian background as her biological parents were from there. After she got adopted, she moved to America and became an American national.

After her adoption, Zack Snyder adopted another girl named Willow Snyder. Then I got another sister. She had 3 brothers and 3 sisters. Zack Snyder loved all of them equally and had their names tattooed on his arm.

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Did Autumn Snyder Suffer From Depression?

It’s a very frequently asked question what happened to Autumn Synder When she was in her teenage her mental health started declining and she gradually started getting depressed. Nowadays, the word depression is so common but it’s not like that. Some people actually suffer from it. There could be a plethora of reasons that make people do the suicidal stuff.

If we talk about her, she started creating her own scenarios in her mind that led them into questioning her worth. She started thinking of the reason for being in this world. She questioned her identity, her importance in this world and due to all this stuff her mental health started going downfall.

Once Zack Snyder talked about her depression phase in an interview. According to him, she used to talk a lot about depression with him. She asked him the reason why she is in this world and always questioned her worth. But he used to calm her down and tell her that he loves her and she plays an important role being a daughter in his life.

But she would not react much and used to reply with ok or yeah. 

Work-Life of Autumn Snyder

She had almost the same interest as her father. Zack Snyder was a great director while his daughter, Autumn Snyder found her interest in writing. She was very passionate about it.

She was greatly into charity and even once she got to raise $12,000. Her dad had been a strong pillar and great support during her career in writing. According to her, she had a great place in her heart for writing and it has been so important to her.

She was writing quietly for a long time until she decided to use her writing skills to play her role in raising money for the Elizabeth House which was located in her home city, Pasadena, California.

In writing, she was mainly interested in science fiction novels. She wrote a lot of them and one of the most famous ones is “The Prophet”.

She used to do a lot of charity through her passion. Once she said: “I pledge to write 2,500 words a day for two weeks toward the goal of finishing the first half of the second novel in my fantasy fiction series entitled “Hell’s Guardians”. The total word goal for the two weeks is 35,000 words. For every word I write, what amount are you willing to pledge? Donate per word or any amount you choose. Every donation, large or small, makes a difference. All donations are tax-deductible.”

But she always got more money than she ever expected to get.

Death of Autumn Snyder

Her death is one of the most tragic things that ever happened. Her father suffered a lot as it was a huge loss for him. On 12th March 2017, she attempted suicide and ended her life. Autumn Snyder age was 20 years at that time.

The Snyder family never wanted to talk much about her death and remained quiet for much time. But as per sources, she was dealing with depression. She always questioned life which led her into getting depression. 

After her suicide, the medical examiner made a report and according to that, she used two types of drugs to do suicide. One of them was Acute Citalopram and the other one was Diphenhydramine.

Acute Citalopram is an antidepressant but in some cases of OCD, Panic attacks and other disorders, doctors might prescribe this drug while Diphenhydramine is used to lower the symptoms of various allergies and the common cold.

When these two drugs reacted, it caused toxicity which is the reason for death.

How Zack Snyder Reacted to His Daughter’s Death

The moment he received the news of his daughter’s death, he rushed to his family. He was very busy doing his work in the film industry when his daughter attempted suicide. He was in between the making of the Justice League.

After her death, he decided to leave work for some time and spend time with his family as it was very hard for the whole family to deal with this loss. All of the family was in a deep condition of sorrow.

After a break of 12 days, he decided to start the work again to engage himself in that as according to him it could help him in dealing with this loss. As he said, “In my mind, I thought it was a cathartic thing to go back to work, to just bury myself and see if that was the way through it”

But, he later got to know that it’s very difficult for his family to stay away from him in such a hard time. His wife made him realise that his work requires him to be there all of the time which will lead to staying away from the family at this time.

After working for several years he finally decided to get away from the designation of the director. Before leaving his place, he did try to avail other options of taking a long break of postponing the making of films but it could not be possible and he had to leave.

After he left, a very popular director, Joss Whedon took his place but fans missed him and wanted to see his work. The fans even started a hashtag “#snydercut” to bring him back. But finally, after four years he worked again for his fans.